Chebukati bows to Kenyans’ pressure, says IEBC will give realtime results

IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati (seen here) in Nairobi

The electoral commission has bowed to pressure from Kenyans to announce constituency results as they trickle in at the national tallying centre.

IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati said they had planned to only announce the total results since returning officers will have already made them public at the constituency level.

“We will heed to Kenyans’ wish for us to announce them as they trickle in,” Chebuka said at Bomas of Kenya, which is the national tallying centre, on Friday.

Kenyans on August 8 will get to elect a President, Governor, MP, Senator, Woman Representative, and member of county assembly.

Chebukati said “the polling station remains the true locus for the free exercise of voters’ will.

“Votes cast at each polling centre shall be counted, tabulated and the outcome announced without delay by the presiding officer.”

He said they have employed a strong team of experts to ensure the IEBC servers are not hacked.

“Anybody found interfering with the server will be dealt with and will face the full force of the law,” the chairman said.

“We ask Kenyans not to stand aside and observe, but participate to enjoy their democracy.”

Chebukati defended IEBC’s relationship with acting Interior CS Fred Matiang’i, noting he is heading a docket that is key to a peaceful election.

Matiang’i was appointed following the death of Joseph Nkaissery who was appointed to the Cabinet in 2015.

NASA’s plan to “adopt polling stations” is in jeopardy as Matiang’i has issued firm directives on officials allowed at voting centres.

Besides official agents, the Opposition intends to have monitors at each polling stations to guard its presidential votes.

But Matiang’i said only presiding officers, deputies, polling clerks and accredited party agents will be at polling stations.

NASA supporters promised to safeguard their flag bearer Raila Odinga’s votes despite the cabinet sectretary’s directive.

Chebukati further promised that the number of spoilt votes will decrease owing to the civic education conducted by the electoral agency.

He warned officials that those found compromising the polls will face the law individually.

At each polling station, IEBC officials will identify potential voters and cross out their names on the register.

“The voter will place fingers on the KIEMS scanner, retrieve his/her details and then the clerks will call his name before he/she proceeds to be issued with the ballot paper.”

“Dead voters will not take part in the exercise because the Kenya Integrated Election Management System will identify genuine voters,” Chebukati said.

“In case the device fails to recognise you as a voter, you will have to sign a form which will also be signed by IEBC officials and other agents at the polling station.”

The commission further assured Kenyans that there will be no collusion between parties and ballot paper suppliers.

On this, Chebukati said no extra ballot papers will be printed adding that they will have serial numbers at the national warehouse, constituency and polling stations.

“These will be reconciled after voting. There will be no deliberate or erroneous tabulation of results at the tallying centres.”

IEBC officials have also been trained on how to use KIEMS, which has the dual-sim capacity to minimise down times by weak internet connections.

This will be supported by back-end data.




One thought on “Chebukati bows to Kenyans’ pressure, says IEBC will give realtime results”

  1. What a moment if they stick to the rules and the constitution and the law of Kenya governing election.
    My brother report them as they trickle down, by doing that you save Kenyans from unnecessary loss of lives.
    Let me share this with you for free, there is no country on earth which can be like Kenya when it comes to peace, their leaders murdered assisnated the name told to remain peaceful despite they do. Where head of state involved in $2billion scandals but still respects and remain peace.


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