DISTURBING QUESTIONS over Uhuru Plot to Use KDF in RIGGING Raila the Presidency Again

IMG_0844By Conrad Bosire

After reading the KDF dossier on domestic operations during elections (which the KDF has said is authentic but used out of context by NASA), some disturbing questions have come into my mind:

1. Why would anyone (military, civil, political, apolitical, tribal, non-tribal) think of cutting off water and electricity supply during an election or at any time?? This is the kind of stuff that goes on in a full-blown war zone!

2. If there is intelligence that justifies the planned military action, why is this not shared confidentially with the Security Committee of the National Assembly where the opposition is represented?

3. Why would there be a KDF deployment for domestic operations without parliamentary approval? I hate to say it but Raila is right on this one, the planned KDF operation is illegal without Parliament approval

4. Why would a Military that claims to be apolitical use code words like “RF” (Regime Friendly), “Tribe”and use this as a strict consideration when deploying teams for operations?

5. Why would we seek to politicise a military that has stood above the rest of the militaries in the region with regard to professionalism and a demonstrable record of political neutrality?

At least, and to the best of my knowledge, KDF has been out of active domestic politics. Not even in the darkest days of Kenyatta and Moi rule were the KDF deployed during political events like elections.

Which ever side you support, there are some lines we should not cross! Let us all remember that after the elections, we have a country to keep!!proudly_kenyan



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