Msando’s boss Muhati attacked and chased away from mortuary like a stray dog.

Security Officer in plain clothes on the right protects Former IEBC ICT Director James Muhati from attack by relatives of murdered Chris Musando who were claiming he was the last person to be seen with him. 31/7/17-[Beverlyne musili,standard]
Mourners on Monday confronted one of Chris Msando’s bosses at the City Mortuary and told him to leave. The mourner accused James Muhati, the electoral commission’s ICT director, of betraying Msando.

Muhati had arrived in the company of Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) colleagues to view Msando’s body. One mourner, who claimed that Muhati was part of the problems that Msando faced at his workplace, tried to attack him but she was restrained.

Three other mourners confronted him as he ran to where IEBC commissioners and other staff were standing. In May, Muhati was suspended for a month after he was accused of refusing to cooperate in an audit of the agency’s ICT systems.

The decision was reached at a plenary meeting chaired by Chairman Wafula Chebukati. Msando was appointed acting director. Muhati was later reinstated.

A number of Msando’s colleagues broke down after viewing his body. They described him as a dedicated and hardworking man. “Why torture a poor man like that?” said one of the mourners. His widow, Eva, was reluctant to leave her husband’s body. Relatives had to persuade her to leave to allow the attendants to prepare the body to be moved to Lee Funeral Home.


Chris Msando’s wife Eva Buyu (holding head) after viewing her husband’s body at the City Mortuary yesterday. /JACK OWUOR
Chris Msando’s body (seen here) in the mortuary.  Msando’s body was found on Saturday and police took it to City Mortuary. The police didn’t conduct a match test on it to establish whether it could be the IEBC chief ICT officer even after official news from Vigilance house and the IEBC had it that the man had gone missing mysteriously on Friday evening. Msando’s car was found early morning by Moses Kuria (his presence there highly suspect since he’s not a detective, CID, CIA, FBI or whatever) but it was hurriedly towed to the nearest police station without conducting preliminary forensic investigations. A scene of crime ought to be treated as such but it wasn’t the case with this one.
Female body found together with Msando’s has not yet been identified.
Vehicle belonging to IEBC ICT Manager Chris Msando at Kasarani police station .31/7/17- [Beverlyne musili, Standard]
Remember Jacob Juma’s case? His body was found in his car and the car was immediately towed away to a police station without carrying out forensic tests, and thereby losing crucial information in the process. To date, no one knows what happened and who killed Juma. In our current case, a theory is founded by Moses Kuria that the deceased was only having a good time with some Mpango WA Kando within the neighbourhood. So why tow away a car of someone enjoying himself? Could Kuria’s theory be a prep for some cover up under the pretext of a love triangle gone sour? So who’s behind this cover up plot and why are they doing it? Is this why they earnestly fought for a manual backup? #ElectionsKe #Nasa#RipMsando #RipJacobJuma







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