Diaspora husband abandons wife and kids during Kenyan visit.

Susan Mwangi (a Kenyan American who resides in Dallas Texas).

A Kenyan woman and her three kids are living in despondency after her husband a  Mr. James Wairegi (picture not available) who lives in diaspora flew them to Kenya for holiday and stealthily left without their knowledge.

Susan Mwangi and her husband live in the US but on this particular day the cunning man flew them back home (Kenya) on the premise that they were coming for holidays.

The holidays began but after a few days, the man stealthily flew back to the US, leaving behind Susan and the kids without anything. Susan Mwangi was abandoned in Kenya by her husband Mr. Wairegi.

She came to learn of the incident when she called her neighbors in the US who confirmed her husband had flown back.

Since Susan and the kids were left with nothing, they have been suffering in Kenya and they need help.

However, a group of Kenyan women in the diaspora known as KWITU has come together to raise funds for Susan to return to the US and continue with her life normally.

KWITU recently set up a Go fund me account where Kenyan ladies in US and Canada are raising the funds.

“KWITU ladies, as you all know what predicament happened to one of our sister, who was abandoned by her spouse back home in Kenya after going home for a family vacation with the kids. She and her 3 children were left behind unawares and are still stuck in Kenya and in desperate need of financial support.

On behalf of my myself and all KWITU colleagues, we are pleading with you for monetary assistance to enable her and kids return to the USA to continue with life smoothly,” a post in the account reads.

According to the website, KWITU is a non-governmental organization established in 2015 to connect, support and empower Kenyan women living in the United States.

KWITU also provides opportunities for Kenyan women in the US to connect via our social media platforms, workshops, net-working meetups, cultural events and our annual Grand Reunion.

We have created a safe environment for women to discuss issues that affect the Kenyan woman in the US and back home in Kenya.

All members of the public are encouraged to support her in this hour of need. (See Go fund me account <<here)

Since Kenya government encouraged “Mpango wa Kango” (second marriages) during the jubilee regime after 2013 election, there have been raising cases in which men and women have resorted to second woman or man abandoning the first marriages in some cases.

The idea of “Mpango wa Kango” began after Anne Wanguru’s illicit saga with President Uhuru became common knowledge to the public which led into a national law to recognize such. Let us hope this marriage was not affected by these situations.

We will provide more details as they become available.

May God bless you for your support!

Susan Mwangi and her three kids in Kenya who needs support to return to the U.S.





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