Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) spokesman, Joseph Owuoth

Thursday August 3, 2017-Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) spokesman, Joseph Owuoth, has dismissed reports from some sections of the media that he is working with NASA presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, to bring down the Jubilee government in August.

In a phone interview on Thursday, Owuoth also denied reports he will appear before a court martial for allegedly “working with Raila Odinga and other enemies of the state”.

“It not true. I have received three calls about this but I am going on with my work. I am not aware of anything like that,” said Owuoth.

The spokesman said allegations that he intends to bring down the ruling coalition are false and asked Kenyans to stop spreading rumours.

NASA leaders led by Prof Anyang Nyongo raised the alarm on Tuesday saying the spokesman had gone missing, days after IEBC acting ICT director Chris Msando was found dead in a forest in Kikuyu.

They claimed he has been assassinated like Musando.

But Owuoth said NASA politicians seem to be happy if he was found murdered since they could have made a political mileage from his death.

“My commander remains to be Uhuru Kenyatta and no rumour mongering will change the fact,” said Owouth.

Earlier, the armed forces spokesman had confirmed the documents shared with opposition NASA leaders were authentic only for armed forces CS Rachel Omamo to later deny them as fake after pressure from somewhere.

There had been genuine concern about Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) spokesman, Joseph Owuoth after he went quiet following Musando’s death which was an assasination based on the role he played at IEBC. May God bless kenya.




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