Chebukati IEBC Accused of Rigging Plot by Declaring 11,115 Polling centres got no Internet access

Without internet access in most areas, there is fear in opposition about who receives the results first before transmitting to IEBC servers. Chebukati is said to be facilitating the rigging process.

Here are the top reactions over IEBC listing 11,115 centres as not having internet access:

Kamau wa Macharia:

“What IEBC plans to do is simple. They are claiming that over 11,000 polling stations lack 3G or 4G coverage so that they can transmit results via satellite which for your information is most insecure.

What we don’t know is who receives the results first before transmitting to IEBC servers. These satellite results will be intercepted by military (who control all satellite communication in the country), edited and forwarded to IEBC screens/servers. Uhuru will be hurriedly declared winner and sworn in within 12 hours.

All Kenyans will be glued to their TVs, so the numbers on the screen will “convince” everyone that Uhuru is above 51%.
By the time NASA sees the actual tallying forms they will be told go to Court.

Geoffrey Mogire:
In Kisii and Nyamira counties, we are adequately covered either by 3G or 4G network. What is this from IEBC about 922 polling stations not covered by network? Be on high alert. IEBC has it’s own games which should not be allowed.

Naftali Nyabuti:
Now it’s official where network is available.. in the case of Nyamira, I don’t understand why 2G can’t work. The question is the means and entourage to accompany officer who will be sending. This is where Adopt a presiding officer is key. Call it ‘Operation tafuta network’.

Seth Odongo:
IEBC is giving ROs the leeway to “move” to where there is network coverage, some will move till they get to Dennis Itumbi’s “free wifi” hotspot, or move forever.

This may look a mundane issue but it has the potential of causing chaos.

What if the moving IEBC PO/RO is abducted and the forms he has taken; and he is given new forms, with completely different results, which he is forced at gunpoint (with the alternative of Ksh5 million) to relay to IEBC head office? This fellow then goes missing for 1 month?

It happened in 2007. In Central Kenya, most ROs after announcing results went missing for between 3-4 months. Some reappeared after formation of Grand Coalition Government.



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