Chiloba future as IEBC CEO hanging by the thread as commissioners summon him for grilling

CEO Ezra Chiloba

IEBC commissioners last night held an emergency summit following shocking revelations that the CEO Ezra Chiloba was leading efforts to undermine the commissioners and also putting into serious jeopardy the credibility of the entire 2017 general elections.

The summit was Chaired by Wafula Chebukati and dragged into the early hours of this morning. The meeting came hot on the heels of explosive NASA statement through it’s head of presidential campaign Musalia Mudavadi accusing Chiloba of holding clandestine meetings at Kileleshwa Nairobi, to plot on how to manipulate IEBC systems to favour Jubilee in the elections.

Stunned commissioners immediately summoned Chiloba and the IEBC Head of Security shortly before midnight to read the riot act and to demand that the duo explain what Musalia was talking about.

After hours of grilling, the Head of Security owned up to Commissioners that what NASA had revealed was the truth and that the plotting came from Chiloba and Winnie Guchu whom they had met at a secret location in Kileleshwa Nairobi. He went to narrate how Guchu was also insisting on having personal contacts of all 40,800 Presiding Officers.

The Commisioners were outraged and decided that all future key functions must be approved by the Commissioners.

Winnie Guchu was recently appointed Deputy Chief Agent by Jubilee Party which she has been serving as executive director, having resigned her previous position as a member of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) which Uhuru Kenyatta had nominated her to.

Chairman Chebukati whose office is keeping direct contact with all the Presiding Officers has received widespread support from his officers in the field most of whom are reportedly resisting moves by Chiloba and Guchu to convert them into Jubilee Agents.

In last night’s emergency plenary, commissioners passed and minuted resolutions that all Ballot papers are to be stamped. Chiloba illegally issued a memo to POs under the instruction of DP William Ruto (who appointed him) that ballot papers do not have to be stamped.

Speaking to media after repremanding Chiloba, Chebukati insisted that the stamping of ballots was meant to act as an extra security measure aimed at eliminating ballot stuffing.

Sources close to IEBC Commissioners revealed other resolutions passed included the blanket and unwarranted statement by Ezra Chiloba on 11,000 polling stations as being off – grid had been denied by Safaricom.

As we went to press, sources revealed that NASA was planning to issue a statement to its agents, candidates and the supporters NOT AND NEVER to allow the Presiding Officer to leave the polling station to transmit the results under whatever condition.

NASA strategists say this determination is informed primarily by two reasons;

1. The transmission kit only transmits once! So if the PO does any mischief it’s over and done with.

2. At no one point should the PO be allowed to be in sole possession of the results.

Pundits say this is the closest yet that NASA presidential candidate is being seen as frontrunner likely to emerge winner in the first round of the presidential election.


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