It’s Make or Break for NASA, Your Role as a NASA Supporter

IMG_0985.JPGVIGILANCE Message to NASA supporters

As we go to the election, we would like to urge our supporters to remain VIGILANT until the entire voting process is completed and results announced at the polling station.

Our supporters will act as our AGENTS, OBSERVERS and MEDIA who are interested in a peaceful, free and fair election.

Thus, NASA supporters should NEVER allow the Presiding Officers to leave the polling station under the pretext of looking for signal to transmit the results under whatever condition.

This is because:

1. The transmission kit only transmits once! So if the Presiding Officer (PO) transmits doctored results, it is essentially over and done with for the particular polling centre.

2. At no one point should the PO be allowed to be in sole possession of the results without the full view of agents, observers and the media.

The next 72 hours will be make or break for NASA. We must guard our votes at the polling station.






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