“My 8 Reasons Why Am Voting for Raila for President”- Hon Kinyanjui

Hon. Raila Odinga

My 8 Reasons why am voting the Enigma:::::

  1. Cost of living has become a nightmare under jubilee. He can fix it.
  2. Corruption has reached unprecedented levels,he can check it or at the very least do something about it without throwing hands up in resignation as Uhuru has done.
  3. Devolution has been frustrated by jubilee, I want 45% of resources and functions devolved for shared development across Kenya.
  4. Oversight of public funds requires a well resources and supported office of the auditor general. Jubilee has frustrated this office and its office bearers. Raila promises to support it.
  5. National cohesion is a function of inclusivity in government. In Raila and NASA I see the face of Kenya more than Jubilee.
  6. TJRC report needs to be implemented. Raila promises to do so.
  7. Public debt has hit the roof . I need responsible borrowing by my government. NASA under Raila promises it.
  8. Our Soldiers in Somalia need to come back. Too many are dying while our borders remain porous. We must change strategy and secure our borders.



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