NASA technical team waits for Political leaders’ direction

NASA chairman of the technical and strategic committee David Ndii.

NASA technical team chairman David Ndii yesterday said they have massive evidence of electoral malpractices but their political leaders will dictate the way forward.

“From what the IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati has said during the tallying period at Bomas, I am sure they will take their time to verify with us, but we are surprised at the strange figures IEBC is broadcasting,” Ndii said.

The economist said a good number of the figures the IEBC displayed at the national tallying centre at Bomas were different from what their agents had collected across the country.

They warned the team was competent and working closely with other teams to ensure it collates results from all the polling stations across the country.

“We have been forced to relocate some of our officers following continued threats by state organs in search of the poll documents,” Ndii said.

He said the NASA tallying process was slow following intimidation by police officers against its officers and the poor infrastructure in the country, which has made some areas hard to access.

“We are only a technical team with a mandate to compile our results, which can be used in a court of law to present our case,” Ndii said.

“It is not one election but 290 elections at the constituency level and we expected to verify each constituency together with the IEBC chairman, but they chose another legal way where all the results started trickling in from unknown locations.

“We are also surprised by the results the IEBC has relayed since it’s totally different, from what we have,” he said when he took journalists on a tour of the NASA tallying centre in Runda, Nairobi .

“We have remained professional but very careful because we are not in a competition as stated in the Constitution,” Ndii said.

A team of Flying Squad officers in two SUV cars arrived during a media briefing to save two of its officers detained at the tallying centre. The two officers had entered the NASA premises masquerading as journalists.

“It was easy to know them since despite claiming to be journalists they were untidy and could not express themselves in English,” said James Simekha, in charge of agents operations.


The two officers had entered the NASA premises masquerading as journalists.



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