Photos: Meet Ezra chiloba wife – The Man Behind the Organized Scheme for Rigging Kenyan Elections.

Here is a photo we stumbled upon on social media of Ezra chiloba hand in hand with a woman believed to be his wife

Kenyans especially women have been asking if Ezra chiloba is married or has wife.
Apparently that has been one of the most searched question about Kenyan election according to Google search.

Ezra chiloba age was also widely searched.

One of the commissioners while announcing presidential results jokingly said chiloba is married and openly asked Kenyan women not to give up but try their lack, but it was on a light note.

Chiloba is the IEBC CEO and together with chebukati the IEBC chairman

Chiloba is the IEBC CEO and together with chebukati the IEBC chairman engaged in an organized scheme in order to nominate President Uhuru Kenyatta and his close friends to positions of power which has now led to widespread protest and death. Their illegal agenda has seen a Majority parliament elected fraudulently  which will not help the country move forward due to rubber stamping nature of the bills to be passed in a future parliament. Unless something is done to cartel the illegal agenda currently in progress, East African region is expected to suffer serious harm in future years.

Some jubilee supporters who benefited from the cartel applauded them for a commendable job of announcing flawed election results from preparation to the final.

Credibility of  Commonwealth Observer Group Chairman His Excellency John Dramani Mahama

The international community officially recognized the  IEBC CEO and Chairman for commendable job without verifying questionable acts. Serious questions have been raised especially on the relationship between the Commonwealth Observer Group Chairman His Excellency John Dramani Mahama Former President of the Republic of Ghana is said to be a very close friend of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Both Uhuru and Mahama are sons of former Presidents of Kenya and Ghana respectfully with close ties running back many years.

Early this year, Former Kenyan Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, and his deputy, Hassan Joho, attended the inauguration of Ghana’s president Nana Akufo-Addo in Accra on Saturday, January 9, 2017.

Credibility of Former South African President Thambo Mbeki

African Union delegation chairman former President Thambo Mbeki is known not to be an honest broker.

Credibility of Former South African President Thambo Mbeki has been questioned. On 20 September 2008, with about nine months left in his second term, Thambo Mbeki announced his resignation after improper interference in the National Prosecuting Authority(NPA) in the Republic of South Africa.

He was summoned by the National Executive Committee of the ANC after judge C.R Nicholson found him guilty.

Thabo Mbeki  agreed to step down as South Africa’s president after the country’s ruling party formally requested his resignation over allegations he misused his power to cover up corruption. He was also accused of Neglecting local affairs of the country by travelling the world meeting with other presidents, making deals that made Rand against US Dollars be R 7.00. and unemployment rate be just under 20% . Mbeki Was also accused of reluctance to roll out plans to curb HIV/AIDS virus without proper and thoroughly researched methods which undermined the Africa’s biggest economy due to his corruption in office.

Its in the above basis, that the Kenyan observers for this year’s elections lacked credibility to lead the African Union (AU) observer mission group and Commonwealth Observer Group based on their coonected background with the Kenyan regime.

Borrowing from the same, the stalemet in Kenya rotating around the IEBC’ s credibility needs a deeper look.

IEBC should read the mood of the electorate and respond accordingly.

Many of us believe in negotiations and diologue. The hard stands being portrayed by the government and IEBC of never resigning after serious misconduct in office holds no water.

The Commonwealth Observer Group Chairman His Excellency John Dramani Mahama
Former President of the Republic of Ghana – He “advised election losers that “It is better a gracious loser than a sore loser, and while it is difficult to lose, one should be gracious. In an election, both the winner and loser can both be winners, because interest is voters”.
Many of us looked at this photo many times before the election. Some of us don’t know what is in the mind of Thabo Mbeki as he appeared to be telling Raila Odinga something long before the votes were counted. Whatever Mr. Mbeki was saying appeared to be suspicious in many ways.
The opposition leader , Raila Odinga (seen here) expressed his disappointment in claims by international election observers that the Kenyan elections were conducted in a credible way.
The flag bearer of the National Super Alliance (NASA) has rejected election results published so far by the Kenyan election commission, claiming the system of transmission of results was flawed.





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