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Gabrielle Maina: Lawyer claims Australian teacher shot dead in Kenya feared for her life

Australian teacher Gabrielle Maina

The lawyer of Australian teacher Gabrielle Maina, who was shot dead in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, says his client feared for her life.

It has been revealed that Ms Maina was granted a restraining order against her former husband before her death.

Investigators are trying to unravel why the teacher was shot dead on a quiet street in Nairobi last Thursday as she was walking home.

Her lawyer, George Kingori, said his client feared for her life.

Mr Kingori said Ms Maina had been granted a restraining order in April this year, against her estranged husband.

“She required a restraining order against the husband for constantly stalking, approaching her place of work and as well as the residence,” he said.

Mr Kingori said Ms Maina was seeking to secure custody of the couple’s two sons, but the relationship was breaking down.

“The husband would constantly show up at her place of work and constantly sending messages. So, she needed that to stop and therefore approached us for assistance. She was afraid.”

The ABC approached Ms Maina’s husband via his lawyer, but he has not responded.

Kenyan police are trying to determine who killed Ms Maina and why.

Her lawyer said there were signs the teacher, who was formerly from Armidale in northern New South Wales, may have been forced to kneel on the road before she was shot.

Australian teacher Gabrielle Maina might have been targeted and not killed as a result of robbery as earlier reported.  

Staff from a nearby lodge and function centre heard the gunshots and rushed to the scene.

Gardener Kevin Mayodi was one of them. “I head the sound of a gun, two times,” he said.

“After a few minutes, I come to see what’s going on. I find somebody lying down, who was shot.

“I found the lady down. She was injured here on the neck. Already was dead.”

Mr Mayodi and other local workers said there have been some minor robberies along the road, but nothing like the shooting of Ms Maina.

They want to pass on their condolences to Ms Maina’s family in Australia.

“For me, I feel so sad because she left young children and her family.”

Students from the school where Ms Maina worked in Nairobi are returning to class after term holidays.

The school is yet to announce whether it will hold a remembrance service.

Friend and former teacher Emmanuel Simiyu Munyole said Ms Maina was generous and loyal.

“Words cannot describe Gabrielle. To me, I think she is from a different planet, or different world. She was so kind hearted,” he said.

He wants those responsible for her death brought to justice, calling them selfish and cowards.



Open Letter To Hon. Dr. Fred Matiang’i Nationhood Isn’t Built On Innocent Blood

1ADA2F45-C5C5-4B0D-B0CF-C1FDAFB21EAFOpen Letter To Hon. Dr. Fred Matiang’i
Nationhood Isn’t Built On Innocent Blood

By Donald Kipkorir

We have many common friends and thus my choice not to have criticized your leadership style. But I also out of own style of engagement, don’t personalize criticism. I critique systemic and institutional problems. But the killings today in Bondo of unarmed demonstrators, beating up of a pregnant woman going to her business and throwing tear gas into a kindergarten broke my heart.

Being our Minister for Internal Security in addition to being Minister for Education may have bloated your ego. Many of your Cabinet colleagues are either my clients and/or friends. They tell me they call you Super Minister and that you strut to Cabinet Meetings with near condescending attitude to them.

Anyway, what Police is doing under your watch is deeply regrettable. You maybe a Jubilee Super Minister, but all including yourself are under the Constitution. The Police cannot be going to Luo inhabited areas in Kisumu and Nairobi as though they are going to Boni Forest in Lamu. You can’t restrict NASA demonstrations that are lawful, but allow Mungiki calling themselves Nairobi Business Community to counter protest without license. Don’t do tribal profiling of the application of the law.

For now, power may blind you to believe that it is permanent. Calling NASA leaders all kind of derogatory names, withdrawing their security, threatening them with arrest or not being bothered when University students are being raped and nursery students tear gassed may look romantic to you for now, but power is always temporary no matter how powerful and seductive.

And History will show you that across all Empires and even in the Bible, those that rose so high fell so hard. We have a Constitution, respect it. Apply it equally to all and across all Parties. You cannot derogate the Constitution by ordinary legislation or Regulations. Public Security Order is inferior to the Constitution.

Exercise your power but within the Constitution. And remember, History records all. And time doesn’t run against crimes committed by those in power. And you will not plead superior command. The law catches up even in the sunset of your live. Stay advised. Sycophants don’t last.


Dr. Fred Matiang’i

(Video) Fearless Whistleblower and Ex-IEBC official Dr Roselyn Akombe drops more bombshells in One-on-One with Sunday Nation

Fearless whistleblower and Embattled former IEBC Commissioner, Dr. Roselyne Akombe, has dropped another bombshell on what transpired during the August 8th General Election and the much talked about IEBC servers which the commission refused to open as demanded by National Super Alliance (NASA) and the Supreme Court.

Speaking from the US where she fled to after resigning from IEBC, Akombe claimed that IEBC CEO, Ezra Chiloba, who has since gone on a three week leave, misled the country and the commission about the servers, which NASA claimed contained evidence of vote rigging.

She noted that Chiloba was hiding the whole truth about the contents of the servers by refusing to open them and lying to the country and officials.

Akombe also dismissed Ezra Chiloba’s temporary exit from the commission ahead of the repeat Presidential elections saying it was inconsequential.

“CEO Chiloba misled IEBC officials on servers issues during Aug 8 poll and his absence won’t assure credible election,” Akombe said.

Mr. Chiluba (right) presenting a booklet to President Uhuru Kenyatta (center) – Akombe also dismissed Ezra Chiloba’s temporary exit from the commission ahead of the repeat Presidential elections saying it was inconsequential.


List Of County Governors Who Have Banned IEBC From Conducting Elections on 26th October

Ali Joho (black short sleeved jacket reviewing a passing out parade)- Mombasa County

1. Amason Jeffer Kingi-Kilifi
2. Ali Joho-Mombasa
3. Cornel Rasanga-Siaya
4. Okoth Obado-Migori
5. Anyang Nyongo-Kisumu
6. Omwami Wangamati-Bungoma
7. Omwami Oparanya-Kakamega
8. Omwami Ojamong-Busia
9. Cyprian Awiti-Homabay
10. Omogaka Nyangarama-Nyamira
11. Josephat Nanok-Turkana
12. Omogaka Ongwae-Kisii
13. Omwami Ottichilo-Vihiga
14. Charity Ngilu-Kitui
15. Kivutha Kibwana-Makueni


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A call for an International investigations and Justice concerning Gabrielle Maina: ‘Much-loved’ Australian teacher shot dead in Nairobi.

The killing of Gabrielle Maina in Nairobi is very suspicious and an investigation is needed to establish the cause.

There has been calls for a multi agency investigation concerning the an Australian teacher shot dead in Nairobi. Her death left many angry friends and and online Kenyan peace community lovers searching for answers in a city that has just been at the center of another high-profile killing of highly educated women.

The killing of Gabrielle Maina who was walking down a street when she was attacked by armed men on a motorbike at 10am in the affluent suburb of Karen has left many puzzled and seeking answers. Gabrielle, who used the last name Kimani, prompted several mourners to protest and demand a proper investigation concerning the shooting. According to Sophy Mwale-JumaNo armed robbers pick random targets on the streets at 10am” he said.

There are reports she had problems with her husband concerning custody issues beginning in  Australia and that the killing might not be robbery after all based on the facebook post seen by Kenyapoa secretariat staff. David John DiamondAccording to the ABC News here in Australia she was married to an African chappie and they were going through custody battle and divorce looks very suspicious” he wrote.

Given the misconduct in the local level, a third neutral agency with international roots might want to get involved to help sort out issues locally and the Australian embassy in Nairobi. Kenyans are peace loving and a situation like this will help restore confidence.

The shooting has shocked the expat community in Nairobi, especially students, teachers and parents from the Hillcrest International School, where Ms Maina was the head teacher.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said it appeared she was “killed [by] a fatal gunshot wound during a robbery on the 19th [of October]”.

The school’s website said she arrived in Kenya in September 2015, after a successful career in New South Wales and overseas.

Ms Maina taught several subjects, including English, drama and Italian.

A ‘rare’ student

Ms Maina was originally from Armidale and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New England (UNE) in 2004 and with her Graduate Diploma in Education in 2006.

The university is deeply saddened to hear of the death of Gabrielle Maina, a member of our alumni community,” a UNE spokesperson said in a statement.

Our thoughts are with Ms Maina’s family and friends at this terrible time, we offer our condolences and support.”

UNE arts lecturer Anna Cavallaro told the ABC Ms Maina was a memorable student and her death was “truly tragic, I cannot stress that enough”.

“I rarely find students as exceptional as her, on a human level, not just academic,” Ms Cavallaro said.

“It’s a very sad occasion for all who knew her.”

Australian teacher Gabrielle Maina was the head teacher at an international school in Kenya.

Minister for Education Rob Stokes said Ms Maina taught in a number of NSW public schools, including almost five years as an English and Drama teacher at Sarah Redfern High School.

“She developed a reputation as a passionate and highly dedicated teacher who was a fierce champion of public education and creating opportunities for students to improve their educational outcomes and life opportunities,” Mr Stokes said.

“Gabrielle was truly committed to her faith and her family, which took her to Kenya where in recent years she committed herself to educating young children.

“Her colleagues in the Department of Education will affectionately remember her for her humour, tenacity, dedication to students and loyalty to colleagues.
“Our deepest sympathies are extended to her husband and children, family and friends,” he said.

An email to parents released by the school has expressed shock at Ms Maina’s death and offered condolences to her family.

It said the much-loved teacher was attacked after she dropped her son at a friend’s house.

The teacher’s biography on the school’s website says she “relocated to Kenya in September 2015, a long-term goal to establish her family here so her children can grow up with their extended family”.

After completing her postgraduate degree in education, she was engaged by the NSW Department of Education, where she taught at a number of schools in Sydney.

This included five years spent as an English and drama teacher at Sarah Redfern High School in Minto.

A Facebook page believed to belong to Ms Maina says she is from Armidale.

Minister for Education Rob Stokes said Ms Maina would be remembered for “her humour, tenacity, dedication to students and loyalty to colleagues”.

“She developed a reputation as a passionate and highly dedicated teacher who was a fierce champion of public education and creating opportunities for students to improve their educational outcomes and life opportunities,” he said.

Her school friends told Fairfax Media she “was very intelligent, musically talented and always smiling”.

Police are investigating the killing.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is offering consular assistance to Ms Maina’s family.

“Due to our privacy obligations, we will not release further details,” DFAT said.

Bizarre killings

In a trend which has become too familiar under Uhuruto regime in Nairobi, a human rights lawyer was found dead in her house in Kileleshwa under very suspicious circumstances, with her seven-month-old baby lying beside the body.

The body of Eva Achieng Ayiera, 40, was found on Monday morning in her bedroom in Kileleshwa by her house help. The week before, in similar lines, Former Youth Fund CEO Catherine Namuye who conspired to defraud the Kenya government in conspiracy with Anne Waiguru was on Wednesday October 4th, 2017 found dead in her apartment in Kileleshwa, Nairobi. (Same neighborhood of Kileleshwa).

Neighbours said they heard screams and when they rushed to check they found her on the floor with foam on the mouth.

Nairobi police boss Japhet Koome said, neighbours called the police after they heard people screaming from Ms Namuye’s house at 11am.

She was pronounced dead at home by medics, Mr Koome said.

The random deaths involving highly educated women in a short period of time is a cause for concern by the rest of the world due to high levels of corruption in Uhuruto corrupt regime.



Credible Oct 26 repeat election not possible: International Whistleblower Akombe says.

International Whistleblower Former IEBC commissioner Roselyn Akombe spoke to a Sunday Nation reporter in New Jersey, USA, on October 20, 2017. She said the commission will not be able to conduct a credible poll this month. 


An International whistleblower and Former electoral agency commissioner Roselyn Akombe has said that political interference has rendered the agency so dysfunctional that any hope of the commission carrying out a credible repeat election on October 26 is impossible.

In a wide-ranging interview with the Sunday Nation from New Jersey on Friday, Dr Roselyn Akombe, who recently quit citing frustrations from fellow commissioners and senior secretariat staff, painted a picture of a statutory body that was not just at war with itself but also one that has become a poster child for political interference.

“The commissioners can’t agree on anything and if they did, chances are that the decisions made would be ignored by the Secretariat.

“In the end, you end up going round and round without making any meaningful decisions,” she said.

Dr Akombe claimed that Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission commissioners and senior staff at the secretariat were there to serve the interests of politicians.

“Decisions are made somewhere else and passed on for ratification and implementation.

“Commissioners and senior staff at the secretariat are put in line through bribery and threats. If you don’t agree with them then your life is in danger,” she said.

Dr Akombe, who disclosed that she personally faced numerous threats and intimidations for the positions she took during her time at the commission, said she fled the country partly because of her life was in danger and that she had hit a brick wall.

“The other commissioners shot down every suggestion I made to level the playing field as had been recommended by the Supreme Court, so my position in the commission became untenable because I knew we were not complying with the court orders,” she added.


Looking relaxed and rejuvenated, Dr Akombe, an employee of the United Nations headquartered in New York, who took a sabbatical leave to join the commission with the hope of giving back to the country her vast experience, said she found so many structural weaknesses in the composition of the Wafula Chebukati led commission and the secretariat, and a culture of patronage so entrenched that in the end, she couldn’t function.

“In many ways, my plan to come back to the US started as soon as I got the commission job because while I believed I got the job because I [was] qualified, there were those who wanted to make me feel that I was undeserving of the job.

“In essence, they wanted me to be beholden to them.”

Dr Akombe believes that a small clique of secretariat staff led by Ezra Chiloba, the chief executive officer who is currently on leave, are the ones who were responsible for the bungled August 8 presidential election that was subsequently annulled by the Supreme Court.

“Chiloba and his team misled the commissioners about what was happening with the servers.

“When the chairman recommended their dismissal, he was out-voted so we couldn’t implement the changes necessary to carry out credible elections,” she revealed.

Dr Akombe said that the fact that Mr Chiloba has taken a leave of absence a week to the repeat poll would not make the forthcoming election free, fair and credible.

She said the move was too little too late.

“The first recommendation from the Chairman soon after the Supreme Court judgment was that some staff in the secretariat, among them Chiloba, had to step aside if the commission was to carry out credible elections, at least to meet the Supreme Court set standards.

“This recommendation fronted by the chairman and myself was shot down by some members of the commission whose allegiance was clearly somewhere else,” she said.

She said that if moves such as Mr Chiloba’s stepping aside had happened four weeks ago, then maybe many Kenyans would have been persuaded to believe that they were well meaning.

“But leaving now just six days to [the] election does not make any difference.”

Reiterating her call for dialogue between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nasa leader Raila Odinga to avert the impending catastrophe, Dr Akombe said it was morally wrong for them to put their interests ahead of the lives of Kenyans who are bound to suffer most should fighting break out.

“This crisis is as good as it can get and it’s the responsibility of leaders – political, religious and civic – to dialogue together to resolve it.

“It’s their moral responsibility to safeguard the lives of Kenyans.”

Saying that it was wishful thinking to imagine that the forthcoming election would be credible when almost half the country has promised to sit it out, Dr Akombe said the outcome of such a poll would only serve to balkanize the country more.

“Voting takes place at the poll stations and results are announced there.

“How could you claim you’ve had elections when probably half the country has boycotted the election or violence is so much that people fear for their lives and therefore stay away from polling stations?”

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Kenyan Woman in Kennesaw, Georgia Charged with Stealing over $770,000 from the University of Connecticut

Ms. Muthini Nzuki

A Kenyan woman in Kennesaw, Georgia has been arrested and charged with stealing more than $770,000 from the University of Connecticut by claiming to be a Dell Computers employee.


Authorities say 39-year-old Muthini Nzuki opened  a personal bank account and changed the routing number that University of Connecticut uses to pay Dell through a third party. Between April 1st and May 31st of 2017, Nzuki was able to divert $773,079.35 in 32 different deposits that should have been paid to Dell into her personal account. According to the arrest warrant, Nzuki wrote 24 checks totaling $694,850 over the same period, drawn from the same account.

Nzuki was arrested on August 24th in Georgia and was extradited to Connecticut on Thursday, October 19th, 2017.

At her arraignment on Friday in Rockville Superior Court, Nzuki through her attorney said she was duped by some men from Kenya who said they needed to use her account to deposit $3 million in inheritance money from a relative in Connecticut.

“I don’t believe she was monitoring her daily banking transactions she believed that the transactions were legitimate and that the transactions were from a legitimate source in Connecticut that they were not involved in stealing money the state of Connecticut,” Attorney John O’Brien representing Nzuki told the court.

She’s not a very sophisticated lady, but clearly she’s been caught up in something that was not her intention to steal nearly a million dollars from the state of Connecticut,” added O’Brien.

Nzuki has been charged with first-degree larceny and first-degree computer crime. She is being held on $500,000 bond and will be required to surrender her passports. Her next court appearance will be on December 1st.

Records indicate that Nzuki is a dual citizen of Kenya and the United States, having been naturalized as a US citizen in 2010.