VIDEO: Uhuru, Ababu Namwamba BOOED, HECKLED and Rejected in Busia, Locals turned up to see Motorcade NOT Jubilee PR

10-60Uhuru’s chief campaigner in Western Kenya Hon Ababu Namwamba was badly humiliated infront of his master as locals booed and rejected him, they denied him a chance address the gathering with chants of betrayer betrayer NASA NASA.

Uhuru watched in disbelief as it became clear to him that the thousands who come to his rallies are only interested to see the presidential motorcade and not the jubilee lies hypocritical messages he is busy dishing out.

An English proverb says, “A hungry wolf is fixed to no place” President Uhuru Kenyatta was today forced to cut short his empty development promises when hungry residents in Budalangi asked him to bring Unga first.

The president was speaking in port Victoria when hungry residents refused to take his cosmetic development rhetoric when the crowds started chanting the UNGA slogan.

At the time, the President was explaining how his government has revived dysfunctional companies like Rivatex, Pan Paper among others.

He was begging them to start growing cotton so that they can feed those companies but residents could take it no more.

In his response, Uhuru went mad and started lecturing them. He told them to stop shouting at him since the cotton he was asking them to grow will give them money to enable them buy that UNGA. What the President forgot is that the residents were complaining about the absence of Unga in the stores.

“Wachana na kuniambia maneno ya unga hapa. Wewe nyamaza hapo. Hiyo ndio ile siasa duni ya ule mtu wa vitendawili mimi sitaki kuskia. Hiyo Maendeleo ninawaletea ndio itawapatia pesa ya kununua hiyo unga. Hapana kuja hapa mnaanza kunipigia kelele mkiniambia maneno ya Unga hapa” He said.



VIDEO: DP Ruto HECKLED in Kericho as Uhuru WATCHED, Kipsigis VOW to Vote for Raila NASA


The Kipsisgis sub tribe of the Kalenjin nation have made it clear their preferred presidential candidate is NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto will have a lot of convincing to do as the political tide in South Rift seems to be shifting in favor of the Governor Isaac Ruto and NASA brigade led by Premier Raila.

The tag of war between the DP and the Bomet Governor, political pundits aver, will adversely impact Uhuru’s chances of retaining the presidency come August 8.

Isaac Rutto has accused the DP of having a foul mouth and of being disrespectful of area leaders. This bitter fallout led the Governor to join forces with the National Super Alliance (NASA).

Rutto, who will be contesting for his seat under Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM) against Jubilee’s Joyce Laboso, was named as NASA fifth principal. His mobilization skills cannot be underscored and Jubilee are seemingly learning this the hard way.



I did not endorse Uhuru’s re-election, Musila says

A file photo of Kitui Senator David Musila speaking to the people. 

Kitui Senator David Musila claims comments that he supports President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election have been taken out of context.

During a rally on Sunday, the Senator asked youths to support the President on the basis of his record.

“Vote for me as an independent candidate, elect Uhuru without minding his party,” Musila said as he campaigned with Kitui West MP Francis Nyenze.

But on Monday, Musila said he was misquoted by “unknown forces”.

“I did not endorse Uhuru and in fact, I did not endorse anyone. I have made it very clear that I am an independent candidate…I am not supporting Jubilee or anyone,” he said during an interview on Citizen TV.

“I made it clear that anyone can be re-elected. That is where I mentioned that even Uhuru or NASA leader Raila Odinga can be elected. Someone is editing all this.”

He said he does not support any candidate ahead of the elections but noted that NASA should not reject the independent candidates.

Raila rallied his supporters to reject independents at the ballot saying the party needed numerical strength in both Houses of Parliament.

“Usually I would support Jubilee Party…I mean NASA….because people know NASA here,” Musila added.

He and Nyenze have become increasingly critical of Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

Musila ditched Wiper party after he was floored in the Kitui governor’s race. He lost to incumbent Julius Malombe in the results announced. Malombe garnered 88,382 votes while the latter got 74,308.

Shortly after Kalonzo was named Raila’s running mate. Nyenze came out saying Kalonzo will go it alone, a remark that Wiper leaders have distanced themselves from.

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IEBC Chebukati DISQUALIFIES Machakos Wiper Governor Candidate Wavinya Ndeti, giving hope to Uhuru ally Governor Mutua

wasThe IEBC’s disputes tribunal has nullified Wavinya Ndeti’s nomination as Wiper’s Machakos governor candidate saying a complaint against her was valid.

MCA Peter Kyalo filed a petition saying Ndeti is a member of Wiper Party led by Kalonzo Musyoka and her Chama Cha Uzalendo.

“This committee has considered submissions from both parties and has come to the conclusion that the complaint has merit and is therefore allowed”Commission chairman Wafula Chebukati said on Thursday.

Kyalo noted the politician is a candidate for governor on a Wiper ticket yet she is still CCU’s leader and member.

He said the party allowed a stranger to participate in its primaries in violation of the Elections Act.

The tribunal further heard that Ndeti became a member of Wiper on April 6, a day after the defection deadline, and that her nomination was irregular and unlawful.

Ndeti dismissed the claims made before the Political Parties Disputes Tribunal, saying her nomination was valid. She further argued through her lawyer that she was not a member of CCU.

The politician had asked the committee to dismiss the complaint, which she termed witch-hunt aimed at reopening issues previously determined by the tribunal.

Ndeti was declared winner after a rematch against Deputy Governor Bernard Kiala.



DRAMA in Kisii as Residents DESTROY Jubilee Campaign materials ahead of Uhuru Tour

President-Uhuru-Kenyatta-addressing-supporters-in-Nakuru-townThere is breaking drama currently playing out in Kisii town. The residents have confronted Jubilee campaign agents and confiscated all campaign materials they were distributing ahead of Uhuru’s tour tomorrow.

The residents are angry that Uhuru is only going to Kisii to seek votes while he has ignored the community for the past four years.

Kisii residents in Rift Valley were affected by the 2007/8 post ekection violence and despite Kibaki and Uhuru governments compensating IPDs from Mt Kenya with a cash reward of 400,000 and a piece of land fully paid fpr the gopvernment the Kisii IDPs got nothing and those who were ever compensated only received 10,000.

Meanwhile Jubilee campaign team led by Charles Nyachae, Hon Obure, Hon Jimmy Angwenyi among other leaders joined for special prayers at an inter denominational service for Senator Obure’s governor bid.



Follow You Lyrics By Gloria Muliro

Check out this video on YouTube:

(Sung in Swahili)

Where you go I go, where you stay I stay
Where you move I move, I will follow you

Verse 1:
Unaponipeleka mie, (Wherever you’re taking me)
Si lazima nijue (It’s not a must that I know)
Unachoniwazia mie, (Your plans for me)
Si lazima nijue (It’s not a must that )
Njia zako hakika, (Your ways are right,)
mambo yako sambaba (Your works are good)
Mipango yako sawa sawa (Your plans are perfect)


Hakuna dhiki (kwako) [There is no troubles there]
Hakuna chuki (kwako) wala unafiki (No hate or hypocrisy)
(kwako, Baba kwako)[In Heaven]
Mi marafiki,(kwako) [Only friendship]
kuna amani (kwako, Baba kwako) [and there is peace]
Hakuna vita, (kwako) hakuna magonjwa(kwako) [There is no war, or diseases]
wala talaka(kwako, Baba kwako) [or divorce (in heaven)]
Kuna upendo tele, (kwako) furaha (kwako), [There is love, and joy]
umoja (kwako, Baba kwako) [And unity (in Heaven)]




Edson Mwasabwite – Ni Kwa Neema Na Rehema (Gospel Song)

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