Controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi arrested at Milimani Law Courts

Controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi arrested at Milimani Law Courts

Controversial city blogger Cyprian Nyakundi is in custody after he was arrested by plain clothed officers moments after he stepped out of the Milimani Law Courts.

Nyakundi was reportedly waylaid by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation officers who arrested him as he left the courtroom where he had gone for the mention of a defamation case he is facing.

He had earlier in the day tweeted that he was being trailed by a supposed DCI officer over a post he made on his social media pages.

“This man is trailing me. He says he is a @DCI_Kenya officer that wants to arrest me for an online post. I had appeared at Milimani Law Courts for a matter. He is the same guy that disappeared with my iPhone last time,” tweeted Naykundi.

A source who spoke to the Nation claimed that the blogger was arrested over a post he made claiming that  Jubilee administration officers were allegedly bribed by Chinese officials to approve a tender.

“We were instructed to arrest him. We brought him for interrogation on a post he made alleging that one of most senior-ranked officials was bribed by Chinese government to approve a tender.”

His latest stint in the cells follows his appearance at the Kiambu courts last month, where he was charged for posting derogatory remarks against Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, Kenya Power Managing Director Ken Tarus and Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru.

He was released on a Sh2.2 million bond.

The DCI has reportedly been hunting him down following other posts he made.




Fire incident at Kenyan-Owned Swahili Village Bar and Grill in Beltsville, Maryland – Grievances might be to blame!

SV - F May 7 2018
A picture shows the inside of Swahili village in which the Fire gutted the inside of the building down after a suspicious phenomenon of combustion manifested in light.

After many years of employee grievances in which the owner regularly refused to pay his employees or withholding of tips in which workers were entitled to by law, Swahili village might have met its match through natural justice after all.

[Press Release] In the early morning hours of Monday, May 7, 2018, there was a fire outbreak in the Kitchen of Swahili Village Bar and Grill. The fire was put out shortly after and there were no injuries. Due to the damage to the interior of the restaurant, Swahili Village bar and grill located at 10800 Rhode Island Avenue, Beltsville, Maryland will be closed until further notice.img_2220

SV - F pixs may 7 2018.jpg

Swahili Village Bar and Grill Owner/CEO Kevin Onyona stated that “We hope to be up and running in the next two to three months. This is due to some substantial damages that will need to be repaired. Please continue to check on our social media pages for updates and news regarding the re-opening”.SV - Fire Pix May 7 2018 2.jpg

Swahili Village has been providing a much-needed fine dining experience of Kenyan cuisine in Beltsville. Beltsville, Maryland is a hub of major industry pioneers and government agencies like  NASA, U.S. Department of Agriculture among others. Swahili Village’s clientele has grown to include a broad spectrum of ethnic cuisine enthusiasts from the African diplomatic missions, African diaspora and the general public with bookings for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and graduations celebrated in the mahogany wood finished interior with an elegant ambiance. This year Swahili Village is celebrating its nine-year anniversary since its inception in 2009.  The new Swahili Village location, now in its second year, has been highly rated and positively reviewed on Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages and a multitude of foodie sites.SV - Fire Pix May 7 2018.jpg

The Swahili Village team is looking forward to once again serving our customers and offering you the True Taste of Kenya that you as our loyal clients have grown to love. We appreciate the prompt response by the Prince Georges county emergency team which includes the Prince Georges County Police Department and the Beltsville Fire Department. A huge thank you goes to our well wishers for your support as we work towards reopening.


It started many years ago in the old location one employee who quit years ago complained bitterly in Silver Spring after exposing a culture of failure to pay employees or withholding their tips by Kevin Onyona.  Without reviewing all the facts, the truth might never be known after all. There has also been a culture of double billing too in which customers have been billed twice for the same meals. Other problems include sky rocketing the price of basic meals which also affected his home base. Keeping the restaurant open 7 days a week without proper breaks for employees and genuine clean up of the facility.

Next time Swahili Village opens up as a restaurant, the management of the facility must understand that, this is America and there are basic rules of engagement one must follow to succeed properly.  If this was an inside job, we condemn it in the strongest terms possible. There are better ways to file grievance and get readdress without sabotaging the entire facility through a fire.

This is so sad and we are sure there’s more to this story.

Kevin Onyona (seen here) has been exposed for a culture of failure to pay employees and taking their tips which might have cost him.  Without reviewing all the facts, the truth might never be known after all.
Kevin Onyona (seen here) issued a press release advising the customers “there was a fire outbreak in the Kitchen of Swahili Village Bar and Grill. The fire was put out shortly after and there were no injuries.”

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(Official Video) Evelyn Wanjiru -Mungu Mkuu

Artist: Evelyn Wanjiru
Song:Mungu Mkuu
Video: Sammy Dee/ Clean city Media

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Moi’s grandchild criticizes Ruto for visiting without prior notice

Laila Denise Moi

Daniel Moi’s granddaughter on Friday hit out at DP William Ruto for visiting the retired president’s Kabarak home without informing the family.

“You cannot just show up at someone’s house unannounced,” Laila Denise said.

Ruto flew to Moi’s home on Thursday, but failed to meet him after waiting for three hours.

It was not clear if Ruto had an appointment, but sources close to the Moi family say there was none.

Moi’s spokesman Lee Njiru confirmed Ruto visited but did not see Moi because the 94-year-old had a session with his doctors.

On her Facebook page, Laila said, “There was a protocol fail on the DP’s side, you cannot just show up without prior arrangements. Least forgetting that Moi is still a well-respected statesman.”

Quoting philosopher Machiavelli, Laila said Ruto needs to understand nothing is so self-defeating as generosity.

She said, “DP, you need to understand that “a prince should guard himself, above all things, against being despised and hated, and generosity leads you to both. It is wiser to have a reputation as a miser, which brings disdain without hatred, than seek a reputation for generosity to incur a name for rapacity, which begets both disdain and hatred’.”

Laila urged Ruto and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi, her uncle, to resolve their differences.

“Seek out a different strategy and approach and get rid of sycophancy and people who are capitalizing on your rivalry,” she said.

“Bear with each other and forgive if any of you has a grievance. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”

The rivalry between Ruto and the Mois intensified in 2006 when the DP backed ODM leader Raila Odinga for President and Moi supported former President Mwai Kibaki for the 2007 polls.

Former President Moi
** FILE ** Former President of Kenya Daniel arap Moi in this October 2002 file photo. A report by the international business consultancy Kroll has accused Daniel arap Moi, the former Kenyan President, of stealing up to 2 billion from his country during his 24-year reign, it emerged last night. The 110-page report, commissioned in 2003 by the Kenyan Government after Mr Moi’s retirement, says that the former President, his family and associates amassed vast fortunes while he was in office, and invested much of it in Britain, the US, South Africa and Australia. Mr Moi’s two sons, Philip and Gideon, were said to be worth 384 million and 550 million. Some of the family wealth is said to be in British bank accounts. (AP Photo/Sayyid Azim, File)
Baringo Senator Gideon Moi
William samoei Ruto is a man under seige in the Rift Valley. He arrived at Moi’s resident without appointment and he had to be turned away.





Miguna Miguna Set to Return to Kenya on May 16th, 2018.

Miguna Miguna

International general of National Resistance Movement (NRM) Miguna Miguna will return to Kenya on May 16th 2018.

Confirming his return on facebook, General Miguna Miguna said on facebook that, “I AM RETURNING TO KENYA ON MAY 16, 2018. I am a Kenyan citizen by birth. The High Court has ordered Fred Matiang’i, George Kihalangwa, Joseph Boinet and Kinoti 13 times to issue me with a valid Kenyan passport and facilitate my return to Kenya as a Kenyan unconditionally.

There were no no details on which plane he will be on when he finally touches down in Nairobi.

Earlier about a week ago, Miguna Miguna challenged Raila Odinga of facebook ” To Raila Odinga: If I committed TREASON for swearing you in, why haven’t you been arrested, detained and exiled like me? Why haven’t I been taken to court? If your HANDCHEQUE with Uhuru Kenyatta seeks to “reconcile” Kenyans, why am I not in Kenya? Be honest with Kenyans.” Miguna Miguna said on twitter. 

Raila Odinga (center)

There are reports Raila Odinga was part of an organized scheme which saw Miguna Miguna deported at night to Canada after he showed better organizational skills to take over the opposition from the legendary Raila Amallo Odinga. After Raila saw his base diminishing and afraid to get arrested for the oath, he joined forces with Uhuru Kenya.