Greedy Ababu Namwamba has Rejected an Offer to be appointed as KWS Board Member.

Hon Paul Otuoma (second from right) THREATENED to RETURN to ODM of which he did briefly after Ababu Namwamba (Right) failed to SHARE Kshs. 30Million brown envelope from State House Nairobi.

It has now emerged that, Ababu Namwamba has Rejected an Offer to be appointed as KWS Board Member. He is now demanding a CS Position and has threatened to Spill the Beans about the August elections and bring Jubilee Down if Not given the Top ministry Job.


We previously covered his story here, here , here, here and here.


Ababu Namwamba (seen here right) was once very close associate of Raila Odinga (center).
Ababu Namwamba (right) was said to have been paid 30million Kenya shillings to dish ODM as part of an organized scheme.

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Kenya’s Havard professor Calestous Juma and great friend of civil society is dead

81Dh0OJZAaS.pngKenyan born Havard professor Calestous Juma and a great friend of civil society is dead. We communicated with him on issues affecting Kenyan community and he will be greatly missed.

Juma, born on June 9, 1953, died on Friday barely a week after his mother was buried.

He is one of Kenya’s foremost recognized professors and was also the first African Science and Environmental journalists at the Daily Nation newspaper.

According to Wikipedia, Prof Juma is an internationally recognized authority in the application of science and technology to sustainable development worldwide.

He was named one of the most influential 100 Africans in 2012, 2013 and 2014 by the New African magazine.

He was the professor of the practice of International Development and faculty chair of the Innovation for Economic Development Executive Program at Harvard Kennedy School.

Juma was also director of the school’s Science, Technology and Globalisation project  as well as the Agricultural Innovation in Africa Project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

His latest book, The New Harvest: Agricultural Innovation in Africa was published by Oxford University Press between 2011-13.

In recognition of his work, Juma was elected to the Royal Society of London, the US National Academy of Sciences, The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), the UK Royal Academy of Engineering, the African Academy of Sciences and the New York Academy of Sciences.

Wikipedia says Juma grew up on the Kenyan shores of Lake Victoria where he obtained early education.

He first worked as an elementary school teacher before his stint at the Daily Nation newspaper.

Juma later joined the Nairobi-based Environment Liaison Centre International as a founder and editor of trilingual quarterly magazine, Ecoforum.

This was before he received an MSc in Science, Technology and Industrialisation and a DPhil in Science and Technology Policy from the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex.

He has written widely on science, technology and sustainable development.

May God Rest his Soul in Eternal Peace.

Kenyan born Havard professor Calestous Juma


Major Blunder as Lenku prepares to cut Kilimanjaro water off from Makueni, Machakos Counties

From left, Governor Joseph Lenku, his wife Edna, Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho and county assembly speaker Johnson Osoi in Loitokitok on December 12.

Kajiado county is set for a showdown with Makueni and Machakos over its claim to all the water from Mt Kilimanjaro.

The two counties have been relying on water from the mountain. But Governor Joseph Lenku says only surplus will be sold to “outsiders”.

He plans to turn off their taps.

In a statement likely to send shock waves through Makueni and Machakos, he told the neighbours to wait until the “owners have had their fill”.

“Our people can’t suffer while our Makueni and Machakos neighbours enjoy our resources. My people look to me for solutions to their problems — water is one of them,” Lenku said during the Jamhuri Day celebrations in Loitokitok.

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua’s press secretary Mutinda Mwanzia yesterday said a statement will be issued next week.

Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana declined to comment yesterday.

Lenku said, “We’ll consider selling surplus water. I’ve instructed Nolturesh-Loitokitok Water and Sanitation Company to disconnect supply to Makueni and Machakos and redirect it to Kajiado town, Isinya and Kitengela.”

He wants the water pumped to Loitokitok and satellite towns, before Kajiado town, Isinya and later Kitengela, “where residents suffer each day”.

Kitengela town has been depending on Ndakaini water sold by the Export Processing Zone in Athi River.

For three years, the town has had an acute water shortage and residents rely on salty water from boreholes.

In a separate interview on Tuesday, Lenku said Kajiado has borne the brunt of human-wildlife conflicts, as water gets increasingly scarce.

“Wild animals fight with people over water and yet the bulk of the water is benefitting outsiders. We must have misplaced our priorities as leaders. This is unacceptable,” Lenku said.

He said livestock is the mainstay of the Maasai. Without it, they face life-threatening problems, he said.

“We are a water-scarce county. Our people face serious water shortages, while the little we have from boreholes is too salty for everyday use. Therefore, a steady water supply is my utmost priority,” Lenku said in Loitokitok.

He said Nolturesh water station in Sultan Hamud gets county water.

On July 13, Konza Technopolis announced that it had agreed with Nolturesh Water Company to supply it two million litres of water daily.

“That’s our water. We can’t be a source of water to other counties, while we remain thirsty and dry day in day out. It can’t and will not work that way under my leadership. We must change it — no matter what,” Lenku told an emotional crowd.

He said he visited Nolturesh water pipeline, talked with Tanathi Water Company officials and agreed with them that Kajiado should be supplied with water first.

“This is not a favour they are doing us. It is our water. We should be supplied first,” Lenku said.

“We are working closely with this company on a cost-sharing plan to have the water pumped to Kajiado. We have made initial plans to ensure this happens.”

The county chief said plans are underway to establish additional water points and pipelines from the Ngong Hills and the Oldonyo Orok Hills and to capture rain runoff from major seasonal rivers.

“Our overall goal is to make supply and access sustainable, give our people’s time to engage in other activities instead of looking for water, improve their health and wellbeing and protect our cattle against drought,” he said.

Makueni County Assembly
Makueni County Assembly
Machakos County Assembly
Machakos County Assembly


(Video) Minority Leader Mbadi kicked out of Parliament for saying Kenya has no president as he Energizes NRM resistance.

Hon. John Mbandi National Assembly Minority Leader.

National Assembly Minority Leader John Mbadi has been thrown out of the chambers for saying that Kenya “has no President”.

Mr Mbadi, who is also the Suba South MP, was contributing to a procedural motion during the Thursday morning sitting when he made the remark.


“As we prepare to go to recess today, there is no need of being recalled to approve anything by the president because as far as I am concerned, there is no sitting president,” Mr Mbadi said.

The remark was met by shouting and jeers from Jubilee MPs.

Speaker Justin Muturi then ordered Mr Mbadi to immediately withdraw the statement “no sitting president” before continuing with his remarks.

“I have ordered you the leader of minority to either withdraw the statement or face the consequences, which you know. I will not allow such statements to be made under my watch,” Mr Muturi said.

“Some statements you are comfortable making outside there and not within this chamber. When you are outside there, you can say anything you want and will get away with it but not here under my watch.”

The speaker used standing order 107 (2a) to order him to withdraw his remarks which states; “unparliamentary language means the use of words which, in the opinion of the person presiding, are deemed to be impolite, rude, abusive or inconsistent with parliamentary procedure or practice.”

“Honourable John Mbadi, I cannot engage in a discourse with you. You must withdraw your statement that there is no President in Kenya or withdraw from the chamber,” ordered Speaker Muturi.

In a quick rejoinder, Mbadi said, “Mr. Speaker I would rather withdraw from the chamber than withdraw from my statement, There is no president in Kenya,” said a defiant Mbadi.

There was further drama when the Speaker ordered Mbadi to leave immediately and not turn it into an occasion.

Hon. John Mbandi
“Honourable Mbadi this is not an occasion for shaking hands when you are ordered to withdraw from the chamber you are supposed to withdraw,” he said.

In the meantime, Parliament has today voted for the nine nominees to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA). The following was the final result.

Nominees to EALA
Final results of both the Senate and the National Assembly

NASA nominees
1. Kennedy Musyoka 309
2. Oburu Oginga 243
3. Abdikadir Aden 234
4. Fatuma Ibrahim 143

Jubilee nominees
1. Simon Mbugua 286
2. Florence Jematia 252
3. Mpuru Aburi 208
4. Nooru Adan 192
5. Wanjiku Muhia 180

This ended the intense lobbying that characterised the push by most of those who were nominated by the parties.

Big names such as Jubilee’s Charles Nyachae (former NCIC commission boss) and NASA’s Norman Magaya lost their bids.

The Senate and National Assembly subjected the nominees to a vote through a secret ballot.

They are set to be sworn in on Monday next week at Arusha in Tanzania for the assembly to start its business in January next year.

In addition, The parliament has constituted the committee on appointments which will vet cabinet secretaries once Uhuru Kenyatta unveils his second term line up before it adjourns and goes for recess. There is a lot of shove as many governors are no longer recognizing Uhuru as President due to organized scheme currently in progress.





NASA Confirms Raila Inauguration February 2018, To Hold Rally On Sunday In Mombasa



Statement on the The Peoples Assembly.

14th December, 2017

Following the postponement of the launch of the Peoples Assembly that was to take place on Jamhuri Day, Tuesday 12th December, the Organizing Committee wishes to announce the resumption of the Peoples Assembly process.

The postponed inaugural session of the National People’s Assembly will be preceded by a series of regional consultative forums. These preparatory meetings will bring together the leadership of the different regions of the country to deliberate on national governance as it affects the regions, and to distill the region’s agenda for the Peoples Assembly.

The first of these consultative forums, of the Coast region, is scheduled for Sunday 17th December, 2017. The NASA national leadership will grace the occasion. The detailed information on the forum will be communicated by the coast leadership.

The National Organizing Committee will communicate the full schedule of the consultative forums in the coming days.

The inaugural session of the National Peoples Assembly will take place early in the new year.

National People’s Assembly Organizing Committee

Hamida Kibwana
Koitamet ole Kina
Peter Mathuki
David Ndii
Oduor Ong’wen
Judy Sijeny
Bramwell Simiyu



Hatred towards Raila Odinga Drove Deceased Nyeri MCA to bury a live Dog.

Ruguru MCA Peter Weru who died on Tuesday might have been a target for elimination based on what he knew in collaboration with others.  

You dig a grave, then take a living dog and throw him in it before you bury it a live, because you have a problem with Raila Odinga.

The poor dog suffocate to death, breathing dust particles into its lungs which block the air passage ways. You on the other side is rejoicing because you have “buried” Raila Odinga.

A few days later, Allah stops your heart from breathing and the same worms that eats the carcass of the dog you buried alive, will feed on your remains.

Folks, this is what happened to an arrogant Nyeri MCA. Let us be humble and consider the sanctity of life.

Nobody knows the hour nor the day!
Anwar Saddat


Nyeri County Assembly Chambers



DRAMA: Uhuru’s 80 Year Old Cousin Hon Beth Mugo REJECTED by MPs to Chair PSC

Hon. Beth Mugo (78 years old, born in 1939)

There was drama in Statehouse as a section of Jubilee parliamentarians have opposed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nominees to the Parliamentary Service Commission.

The President had nominated his cousin Hon Beth Mugo (78 years old, born in 1939), Hon Adan Keynan and Naomi Shaban to Parliamentary Service Commission, who were all opposed by Jubilee legislators. They have vowed to table a rejection motion in Parliament later.

They said that both Beth Mugo and Adan Keynan would not take care of their interests claiming they had failed to do so during the last Parliament when they sat in the commission. As for Naomi Shabaan, they said that she did not deserve the nomination since she had served as the Deputy Majority Leader in the last Parliament.

The MPs met today at State House to decide on viable candidates for the membership of the Parliamentary Service Commission as well as nominate chairpersons of various House committees. Among those nominated to chair House committees include: Rachael Nyamai (Lands), Sabina Chege (Health), William Cheptumo (Justice and Legal Affairs), Ali Wario (Labour), Kanini Kega (Energy), Katoo Ole Metito Defense, Paul Koinange (Security) Kimani Ichungwa (Transport ) Jeremiah Kioni (Cohesion) Joseph Limo (Finance) and Kareke Mbiuki (Environment).

The MPs have also complained over the nomination of the chairpersons saying they were mostly dominated by Central and Rift Valley regions. They also grumbled about the naming of committee chairs by the President calling it a departutre from the tradition of such committees choosing their chairs.

The Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) chaired by National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi was bound to be a battleground for new commissioners or lawmakers. Parliament sits today (Wednesday) to discuss the names and its not clear whether the dissenting Jubilee MPs will change their minds.