After being ranked the 2nd most corrupt woman in Kenya! WAIGURU goes for these guys


Friday September 11, 2015 – Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Miss Anne Waiguru, has today released a list of 22 individuals who were involved in the National Youth Service (NYS) scandal where the Government almost lost over 780 million.

Waiguru and NYS hit the headlines a few months ago after she was accused of stealing money using fake tendering process.

The names were released after a forensic audit that was conducted by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) who later handed the report to Ms Anne Waiguru.

Among the 22 individuals featuring on the list is NYS Senior Deputy Director General, Adan Harake, who is a close confidante of Waiguru.

Addressing the media after releasing the list, Waiguru said that the investigation by CID into the saga had also identified similar fraudulent payments worth Sh791 million.

Waiguru said that the names will be forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for these individuals to be prosecuted and charged.

Here are the names.




Former President Kibaki declines to pay water bill for his Nyeri house


Former President Mwai Kibaki has told the government to pay his water bills.

This emerged after Nyeri County Government questioned why Othaya Mukurewini water services had a debt of over sh 108 million shillings.

The ex-President owes the county Sh550,600 in unpaid debts.

Contacted, his aides reportedly directed the water firm to deal with the government of Kenya, which pays all bills of the retired President.

Government built Kibaki a palatial home in Mweiga which he has refused to move in to. He lives in Nairobi in a house which the government pays for, as well as the Nyeri house.

Before he left office, he signed into law the Presidential Retirement Act which gave him handsome benefits. However, he declined to sign another law which would have provided retirement packages for then Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

A version of the act was again recently declined by President Uhuru, demanding Odinga and Musyoka first quit politics.

imageKibaki’s palace is built on a 1,000 acre farm that was “donated” to him in 2010 by Sasini Estates, controlled by businessman Naushad Meerali. Kibaki kept the “gift” despite a clear law that requires such gifts to be surrendered to the government.

Here’s why UHURU will make history in Kenya in 2017 by being the first one term President


Thursday September 10, 2015 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s CORD is confident that President Uhuru Kenyatta will not make it in 2017.

This was revealed by Homa Bay MP, Peter Kaluma, who said that Uhuru will make history in 2017 by being the first one term President when Raila Odinga beats him hands down.

According to Kaluma, Uhuru is the worst President that has ever ruled Kenya and here is why he thinks he will not win the 2017 elections;-

1. Excessive travelling – Kaluma termed Uhuru as the most travelled President in the history of Kenya with barely 3 years in office; something he said was not good for the country.

“President Uhuru Kenyatta went to holiday in Mombasa straight from Uganda and is now travelling to Italy for a whole week. No wonder State House budget has moved from KSh 1.4 billion under former President Mwai Kibaki to KSh 9.7 billion in three years,” said Kaluma

2. Not in touch with the people’s needs – The ODM legislator said Uhuru is out of touch with reality and does not care about the needs of the people like addressing the ongoing teachers’ and nurses’ strikes that affects the poor households.

“What is in the travels that would stop the President from saying a word over the plight of pupils and students preparing for exams in public schools? Would it hurt if he just addressed teachers and told them he is aware of their grievance?” Asked Kaluma.

3. Wastage of public funds – Kaluma accused the Jubilee administration of wastage and poor spending citing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s inspection of the Standard Gauge Railway in May, where he used 13 helicopters to visit the site.

4. Corruption – He accused Uhuru’s Government of duplicating roles and duties being carried by County Governments at national level just to aid corruption and theft of public resources.

5. Auctioning the country – He said Uhuru auctioned the country through the sugar importation deal he signed with Uganda recently.


‘Dr’ Mugo wa Wairimu SAGA: Four women ‘RAPE’ VICTIMS come out, Recorded Statements with Police


As at yesterday, four women had come out to record statements chronicling how fake Dr. Mugo wa Wairimu sexually assaulted them in his illegal Zimmerman clinic.

Kasarani OCPD revealed yesterday more women are likely to come out now that the suspect has been apprehended and is in police custody.

Dr Mugo was arrested yesterday as he waited for breakfast in a Limuru hotel. A member of the Public, Wesley Njoroge, spotted him and tipped the police, leading to the arrest. He was handed over to detectives of the Serious Crime Unit who already took over the case.

Police declined to release him on bond, saying he is likely to disappear.

He will appear in court today.

Mugo wa Wairimu Spends first COLD NIGHT at Muthaiga police station

12-5Mugo wa Wairimu Seen in this image hiding his face from the journalists.

Mugo wa Wairimu isn’t your roadside jubilee government apologist. During his heydays, he used to defend the government by the crudest means possible, including personal attacks on CORD leaders even when mourning.

His (initial) low came when he celebrated the death of Fidel Odinga, castigating the bereaved CORD leader Raila Odinga for having named his child after a ‘dictator’, and claiming, as he always did, that such were the stuff that exposes Odinga’s dictatorship.

Even his diehard supporters couldn’t stomach that, for in Kenya, despite peoples’ differences, there exists ‘red lines’ that civility requires you don’t cross. That’s our nation’s percularity. But Mugo, cheered by a small band of hateful pinheads, crossed it all the same.

His day had not come.

Yesterday, when a member of the public, Wesly Njoroge, tipped the police of his presence in a dingy hotel in Limuru, that marked the ugly turn of events in his life.

Limuru police handed Wairimu over to the CID, who took him to their headquarters, where he recorded statements on the activities at his clinic. He was later booked at Muthaiga Police Station.

By Thursday, four women had recorded statements on allegations of rape against Wairimu.

He will appear in court this morning.

Kenya Traffic police officers overpower anti-corruption sleuths to rescue arrested colleagues


Five undercover anti-corruption police officers almost got shot when they attempted to arrest three traffic police officers in Athi River.

The arrest was progressing well as the culprits had been apprehended and were now being processed. Ghafla bin vuu, another contingent of armed traffic cops arrived unexpectedly and rescued them, as the EACC sleuths scampered for their safety!


Things that have started happening in this country…damn! Anyway, the rescued cops forgot the sh 28,000 they had collected plus their phones.