Meet Hon Zachayo Cheruiyot the ONLY Kalenjin politician WHO SCARES DP Ruto to HELL

zakayoHon.Zakayo Cheruiyot (born 1954) is a Kenyan politician of Kipsigis origin. Cheruiyot was educated at the University of Nairobi in Political Science.

ZK as he is popularly known is a man of means and a strategist. He has of late been in the news as among those opposed to the Deputy President (DP) Ruto leading to his rivals befriending DP Ruto for political gains.

Those well versed with the happenings in Kipsigis politics say as a shrewd operative with a network he established while in the provincial administration, unseating him will not be easy task come 2017.

Who is Zachayo Cheruiyot, one may ask? He is serving his second term after he trounced his competitors namely Manifesto Sang and Joseph Tanui. He served the then larger Kuresoi constituency from 2007 to 2013 before it was divided to create Kuresoi North and South.

The controversial MP who only obeys his mind is perhaps the only MP who served in Daniel Moi’s provincial administration where he went through a series of instant promotions from district officer through to deputy provincial commissioner and later permanent secretary for Internal Security.
He is also perceived as the only mature politician depend on for advice and guidance by the larger Kelenjin community.

“Besides his knowledge and wide range of experience, he has God given wisdom and that is why the Kalenjin community has been seeking his word before any serious step is taken, “a South Rift MP who sought anonymity said.

To many across the Rift, he is the father of various development projects who is remembered for his generosity and for touching individual lives as well as community projects even when he was in the provincial administration.

“Despite his poor relationship with William Ruto over the issues he has mentioned several times that DP neglected soon after 2013 polls, Cheruiyot still enjoys massive support from his constituents who praise him as goodhearted and a humane leader,” Bernard Kikwai, a Kuresoi resident told this paper.

He added that the MP has mentored several people in all walks of life to work hard, smart and adopt honest values.

“Cheruiyot has support from people he has modelled in all walks of life and this was evidenced in previous elections when people came publicly to testify on what they have benefitted from him”.

Apparently, Cheruiyot has a cold relationship with the deputy president and as a result, he has been seen in the recent past as allied to Bomet governor Ruto and Gideon Moi who disagree with the DP’s brand of leadership.

This has given opportunity to his rivals Liza Chelule and Nakuru deputy governor Joseph Tanui to take advantage and seek endorsement by the DP Ruto to challenge the lawmaker in the forthcoming general elections but Cheruiyot is said to still have support from residents who believe that DP Ruto has sidelined them in development especially the Molo-Kiptagich tarmac road which they say is shoddy and Olenguruone Stadium construction which has stalled for the past two years.

A confidante of Guv Ruto said Cheruiyot was one of the leading financiers the United Republican Party which made Ruto second in command but in return the deputy president closed them out of the party when he rose to the throne failing to heed to his requests for the South Rift region especially in appointment of parastatal heads and cabinet secretaries.

His support to Bomet governor and Gideon has troubled the DP and made the DP restless fearing for the unknown because he knows him to be intelligent and can wisely strategise his fall if he persists and that is why it is said the DP is planning to have a roundtable dialogue with Rift rebels including himself.

Cheruiyot, aged 61, hold Bachelors of Political Science degree from University of Nairobi and served in various ministries during Moi’s regime which include district officer in Molo, district commissioner, Rift Valley deputy provincial commissioner and permanent secretary in the ministry of State for Provincial Administration and Internal Security.

He was born in Kapsegut in Bureti subcounty of Kericho county.

The education-loving MP is credited for the initiation of several schools in Bureti and Kuresoi before he joined politics which include Moi Amalo, Kiptaragon, Silibwet, Siwot Girls, Emitik Girls, Sinendet, Ambusket, Kapkoi, Arorwet, Ainamoi, Kiptagich, Olenguruone Township Secondary schools among others in the region.

“We really want to appreciate him for being goodhearted man, and before he came, the whole of Kuresoi lay without any leader to open up the region’s development.” Jane Keringet, a resident said.

mpHon.Zakayo Cheruiyot and Deputy President (DP) William Ruto are seen here during happy times before they fell off. 



UHURU and WAIGURU have a lot in common? Even taste & fashion? Check this out


Saturday July 18, 2015 – That President Uhuru Kenyatta and embattled Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Anne Waiguru, are more than very close friends is an open secret.

The two are so close to the point that President Uhuru Kenyatta risked his political career and the 2017 re-election ambitions to protect Waiguru from prosecution using State resources, even after allegedly attempting to steal a whopping sh826 million from the National Youth Service (NYS).

The Opposition, led by former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, have sustained an onslaught against Waiguru calling for her resignation over corruption in her Ministry but Uhuru has refused to ask her to step aside to allow room for investigations; something that has raised a lot of eyebrows with many wondering why and how the Devolution CS was so special to the President to get away with murder.

Some Kenyan on social media decided to show just how Uhuru and Waiguru have a lot in common and how close they are by sharing several pictures of the two unintentionally matching their code in several events including the one above at the National Youth Service (NYS) sometime back that left everyone talking.

The two, coincidentally, had their wardrobe matching with Anne Waiguru rocking in her super Kitenge that matched Uhuru’s. It’s amazing how Kenyatta and Waiguru have continued with the illicit affair in full view of the media to amazement of the public.


Drug Baron Sonko graduates from KEMU, DP Ruto assures students of Sh7.5 billion bursary at ceremony –

imageDeputy President William Ruto greets Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko at the Kenya Methodist University graduation ceremony. Sonko was among the students graduating on Saturday.Photo/DPPS – 

Deputy President William Ruto has said the government will not tolerate the establishment of universities founded on ethnicity. Ruto was speaking during the 15th graduation ceremony at the Kenya Methodist University in Meru.

The DP said the management of universities to ensure their institutions reflect the country’s diversity.

“ Our institutions should be centers of excellence. We should discourage the culture of establishing universities on tribal grounds if we are to maintain quality education in this great nation,” Ruto said.

“We should not turn universities into ethnic or village meetings. We should run away from the culture of establishing universities on ethnicity,” he added.

He further asked the Commission for University education to ensure all universities lived up to the ideals of quality education and get rid of those founded on tribal backgrounds. To ensure all Kenyans access education, Ruto said the government has set aside Sh7.5 billion for bursaries and loans for students in universities and middle level colleges.

He however, urged those who benefited from loans to ensure they paid back to enable students from poor backgrounds access such funds. Drug Baron Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko was among those graduating from the institution on Saturday. Sonko who graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration enrolled at KEMU in 2013. Despite not attending classes sometimes,  the flamboyant drug baron and politician, who enrolled for the four-year course in 2013, is a happy man and is talking with the swag of a scholar. Something must have happened to defraud the process one concerned citizen said. How could he get a four year degree in less than two years?

Sonko, through a Facebook post on Thursday said he is did not enroll in university because he wants to become Nairobi Governor. I’m not graduating because I want to please voters in Nairobi to vote for me. This is not the time to ask for elective seats or votes. This is the time to focus on service delivery to the people.

You did your part when you voted for us as your leaders. I went back to the campus because I wanted to have skills in leadership. I will also be pursuing a degree in political science in the near future,” he added.


Italian Prime Minister wears body armor to meet with Kenya’s President

imageTV footage of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s meeting with President Kenyatta showed him to have a square-shaped shoulder. However, many Kenyans are not surprised that he took some precautionally measures given the violence fronted by Uhuru Kenyatta.

We expect an Italian prime minister to wear a well-cut suit in a meeting with a world leader. But not accessorized with body-armor.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi raised eyebrows among Kenya’s social media users this week when he appeared to be sporting a bulky flak-jacket in a meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta in his visit to Kenya’s State House on Wednesday.

The images became a parlor game of ‘did he or didn’t he?’ with red circles highlighting the unusually bulky suit jacket.

Kenyans mockingly asked whether Renzi took the adage ‘security starts with you’ a step too far

In recent years, Kenya has been hit by a series of horrific terror attacks, mostly blamed on Somali militant group Al-Shabaab.

But the colonial-era presidential palace is arguably one of the safest places in the country.

State House is barricaded by fences, guarded by heavily armed paramilitary officers and surveillance cameras are always keeping a watchful eye.

Speaking from experience, it is not even wise to attempt a u-turn in front of the gate.

At first, Italian Prime Ministers’ office would not comment on the matter.

But an Italian government official later confirmed to CNN that Prime Minister Renzi wore a bullet proof vest during his visit to Kenya because of security concerns.

However, the official, who did not wish to be named, said that Renzi wore the protection inside the Presidential Palace because of a ‘tight schedule’, not because of security.

Apparently, he didn’t have time to take it off.

Manoah Esipisu, presidential spokesman told CNN: “We don’t have a formal comment on the matter.”

In the lead up to President Barack Obama’s trip to Kenya later this month, it is sure to raise questions on security protocol.

President Obama, whose father was Kenyan, is hugely popular in the country.

In recent months, Kenyan papers have repeatedly run articles emphasizing that the U.S. president would still be coming despite the security risks.

“It’s incredibly unusual for there to be circumstances that would justify a head of state actually wearing body armor, and especially to a dignitary or a VIP meeting,” says Will Geddes, a security analyst, on viewing the footage of the meeting “and one has to question what decision-making was made within the security detail that would necessitate presenting this option to the Prime Minister.”

By David Mckenzie, CNN



RAO Meets CCM Presidential Nominee Dr John P. Magufuli.

1107This morning, the Rt Hon Raila Odinga met Chama Cha Mapinduzi Presidential Nominee and long-time friend Dr. John P. Magufuli and his wife in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania. (See pictures below).

The Prime Minister is in Dar-Es-Salaam enroute to Zanzibar for the Global Peace Leadership Conference where he is scheduled to deliver the keynote address among various Heads of State and Government from the region and the greater African continent.

The Premier congratulated Dr. Magufuli for successfully navigating his way through the nomination process of “Kamati Kuu” (Central Committee) on to “Halmashauiri Kuu” (National Executive Committee) and finally through “Mkutano Mkuu” (National Congress) to emerge as the Presidential Nominee for the late Mwalimu Nyerere’s party.