ALFRED MUTUA will cry in the toilet after hearing what these two men said about him


Wednesday August 26, 2015 – A section of Wiper Democratic Movement MPs have accused Machakos Governor, Dr Alfred Mutua, of trying to divide the Kamba community ahead of the 2017 general Elections.

Speaking on Monday, Yatta MP, Francis Mwangangi, and his Kathiani counterpart, Robert Mbui, criticised Mutua saying he is being used by Jubilee Alliance to divide the Kamba community who are always united in every General Election.

Mwangangi said Mutua and a number of Machakos County MPs should respect those who are older than them and learn some leadership tips from them instead of using their positions to dislodge them.

“I was not elected on a Wiper Party ticket but I have a reason to defend Kalonzo since he’s the community’s elder and time to replace him is not yet ripe,” Mwangangi said.

On his part, Mbui said Mutua is being funded by the Jubilee Government to destabilize Ukambani the way they have destabilised Western Kenya.

“How can the people of Machakos elect a Governor and later start turning against the community’s leader. This is ridiculous and the Governor should learn from history about those who have tried such a mission,” Mbui said.

The MP begged Mutua to ask for forgiveness from Kalonzo if he wants to be re-elected in 2017.




EXPOSED: Key OBSTACLES making it HARD to SAVE Ruto from being JAILED in the Hague by the ICC


These are the obstacles:

1. President Uhuru, and Kenya, have recently renewed its ‘diplomatic relations’ with the West. The implication of this is that they cannot again accuse the West, especially America, for pushing the case.

2. The rejection of Nigeria’s former President Goodluck Jonathan, and the democratic election of Muhammadu Buhari, has tilted the balance of power at AU. Abuja no longer sees eye to eye with Nairobi on a host of issues, starting with money laundering, ICC included.

3. Uganda’s decision to send Dominic Ongwen to the ICC and subsequent invitation of ICC Prosecutor to Kampala completely weakened Museveni’s mettle. He may be invited here to speak trash against ICC but that is just all he can do.

4. The rule change that allowed for evidence from ‘hostile or non-cooperative witnesses (including those who have disappeared)’ to be submitted to the court was pushed by Kenya in exchange of allowing President Uhuru not to attend the Hague sessions.

5. DP Ruto’s evidence, for all talk about being fixed by Raila, is believed to have been given by the NSIS (now NIS) then acting in the prevailing moment at that time. At that time, DP Ruto was a senior opposition MP. Never did they think the current alliance would be.

6. DP Ruto’s case took off. A number of witnesses have testified, mostly against him. The ethnicity of his witnesses is a matter of cojecture.

7. Mt. Kenya dishonesty. Even a blind Kalenjin knows that they are shedding crocodile tears. President Uhuru may genuinely want to see his friend off the hook but this feeling isn’t shared broadly. In other words, there is no ‘general consensus’ among government and business elites from Mt. Kenya that DP Ruto should be set free.

8. Transition and succession. For all the talk about DP Ruto 2022; certain actions and utterances by Mt. Kenya show clearly the preference is elsewhere.

9. National consensus. Half of the country (CORD) had been told off about these cases. They don’t bother. Half of the remaining half had their guy escape. They too stopped getting bothered. The other half is caged between blind loyalty to Jubilee or outright agitation. DP Ruto doesn’t want agitation. So it is ‘blind loyalty’.

10. There may be no case. But then again, there may actually be a case. Only that we are stuck in that point in time where we don’t know what to do.

11. Throughout Kenya, William Ruto is considered high priest of corruption due to his misconduct in various scandals affecting the nation.

Maombi tu!


LUCKY DUBE – Crazy World

So far so good we still living today
But we don't know what tomorrow brings
In this crazy world
People dying like flies every day
You read about it in the news
But you don't believe it
You'll only know about it
When the man in the long black coat
Knocks on your door
'Cause you're his next victim
As you are living in this

Living in, living in this crazy world
Living in, living in this crazy world
Living in, living in this crazy world
Living in, living in this crazy world

Leaders starting wars every time they want
Some for their rights,
Some for fun and their own glory letting people die for the wrong that they do
Oh it's painful come on now little boy
Say your prayers before you sleep
Little boy went down on his knees
And he said

Living in, living in this crazy world
Living in, living in this crazy world
Living in, living in this crazy world
Living in, living in this crazy world

Powerful STATEHOUSE operative FORCED Mutahi Ngunyi to APOLOGIZE to Luos


Word in the high streets is that Mutahi Ngunyi got a serious lecture from statehouse operative who demanded that he apologize to the Luo people for his incessant insults. The arrogant proud Ngunyi was forced to eat humble pie by the very masters he purports to represent

Days after the legal and intellectual weight of the Luo Nation weighed heavily on Kikuyu hate-monger and multi-million shilling consultant of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s NYS programme, Mutahi Ngunyi, he has been forced to eat humble pie and apologize.

However, advocate Silas Jakakimba insists Mr. Ngunyi should face the full force of the law as his utterances have no place in post-2007/08 Kenya. Jakakimba maintains Ngunyi’s apologies are like Kuria’s and is being treated with the contempt it deserves.

“Before he apologized, he still kept insulting Luos. The trauma his insults has caused us is immeasurable. He will apologize officially in court, which then allows us to undertake any future legal proceedings against him”.

Another lawyer who participated in the suit, advocate Dennis Onyango, told this writer that should NCIC not act on his case, they have the option of instituting private proceedings against him.


Mavoko MP tells Gov. Mutua to stop sideshows and propaganda


Mavoko MP Patrick Makau has told off Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, urging him to stop sideshows and instead deliver viable services to residents.

Addressing a meeting at the Mavoko CDF offices in Athi River town on Monday, Makau said good leadership is that which empowers the “common mwananchi” economically, not that which uses propaganda to propel sideshows in premature political campaigns.

Makau said the governor had not done much in terms of development but uses media to publish public relations stories that have enabled him to build mountains on anthills.

He said there was no need for the county government of Machakos to utilize public funds and other resources in implementing projects that have no impact on poor residents.



The Moi University LADY who has infected 104 men with HIV releases more SHOCKING details, Oh God!


TUesday, August 25, 2015 – A second year female student from Moi University, who has infected 104 men with HIV, has recounted how she was infected with the deadly virus when she was a first year student.

The poor University lady by the name, Beatrice Wangari, who hails from Murang’a, claims that her innocence was taken out of ignorance during a Freshaz night and after testing positive, she promised to revenge.

So far, she has infected around 104 men with majority of her victims being students who reside in Hostel H.

Here’s what the second year student had to say as she recounted how she was infected;

“I was infected in my first year. I joined Moi University with hopes and expectations of a brighter future.

Upon my admission during the freshaz night, I met this dude who offered to take me out for a drinking spree. Since I was fresh from the village and I had passion to adventure and learn a lot, I naively accepted the offer.

We drove to the famous Bubbles club. It was my first time to taste vodka, at first I refused but the guy insisted.

I forced the bitter stuff down my throat. When we were done we proceeded to Comfy to spend our night there.

In bed the guy fu**** me without my consent.

I regretted joining this beast. My attempts to deny him were futile.

There I watched my future being ruined…..

Days later, I tested for AIDs and unfortunately I was infected.

My mind raced back to that night and I felt so bad… I first thought of committing suicide but a second thought told me you must payback..

I vowed that all men must pay for this. My future since then has remained blank.”




LUOs threaten to come to Nairobi & tell WAIGURU they can’t have S£X with their LOVERs


Tuesday August 25, 2015 – Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Ms Anne Waiguru, has been going around the country recruiting young men and women and enrolling them with the National Youth Service (NYS) where they earn a better pay and thereby afford a decent living.

Last month, Waiguru, who is among the Cabinet Secretaries in the Jubilee administration recruited over 3,000 youths in Kisumu for Sh 500 daily wage.

This was seen as a sign of good things to come but some residents of Obunga Slums in Kisumu have threatened to march to Nairobi to oppose the NYS projects saying they have destroyed their homes.

Locals complain that senior NYS officers who are in charge of recruits in Kisumu County are having s*x with their wives and in somes case eloping with them all together. Since, the majority of the population lives on less than a dollar a day.

Residents say the NYS officers seduce their women with money and in exchange they request for sexual favours.

They are now threatening on coming to Nairobi to request Ms Anne Waiguru to instil discipline on her’ boys” or they teach them a lesson they will never forget.