Is UHURU’s son suffering from a mysterious disease and is he being treated in South Africa?


Wednesday September 30, 2015 – One of President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady, Margret’s sons could be seriously ill and suffering from a mysterious disease if events from last week are anything to go by.

There are whispers in Kenya’s political corridors that one of the two sons of the President is admitted in a hospital in South Africa.

This gossip was further fuelled by blogger Robert Alai who posted on social media and noted that Uhuru’s son was being treated in South Africa for an undisclosed illness.

He noted that First Lady Margret Kenyatta has been doing a lot secretly to help their son in South Africa without raising eye brows and has been standing by his hospital bed to offer him moral support as doctors continue to do their best.

Alai further notes that Uhuru joined his wife last week on Sunday in South Africa to stand by their sick son at this trying moment without the knowledge of Kenyans. This may be true because the President sneaked out of the country through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) aboard a commercial flight without his usual security detail on that Sunday evening and came back on Monday evening.

Unfortunately, there are no specifics whether it is Jomo or Muhoho that is sick but here is a screenshot of what Alai wrote regarding the health of a member of the First Family;-




Miss ANNE WAIGURU finally digs her own grave as she falls into RAILA ODINGA’s trap


Wednesday September 30, 2015 – Embattled Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Anne Waiguru, has finally made good her threat and sued former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for linking her to the theft of sh791 million from the National Youth Service (NYS) after he refused to apologize to her over the matter as demanded.

In her suit papers, Waiguru claims that Raila recklessly tarnished and damaged her name at a Press Conference on July 17, 2015 in which he claimed that she was directly implicated in the loss of the money from NYS.

She noted that during the Press Conference, which was held at his office in Upper Hill Centre, Raila claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta had removed her name from the infamous List of Shame at the last minute in order to spare her even after conspiring with shadowy companies to defraud NYS of millions of shillings.

Waiguru termed Raila’s allegations as mendacious and malicious and vowed to make an example out of him through a legal process.

This comes even as Raila, on several occasions, dared Waiguru to sue him for linking her to the theft at NYS, saying it would be an opportunity for him expose her corrupt practices and bring out the truth.

And as it appears, Waiguru has just dug her own grave by suing Raila Odinga because he may now strip her naked as promised.


Breaking: NCIC WITHDRAWS hate speech charges AGAINST Hon Muthama, says he got NO CASE to ANSWER!

imageMachakos Senator Johnstone Muthama

The much hyped charges that NCIC were supposedly to bring against Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama were after all hot air.

Senator Muthama honoured ‘summonses’ to appear before the commission but fund out he had no complainant, despite a number of Mt. Kenya MPs waxing lyrical about suing him.

Muthama’s sin was to connect speculate what could be stopping President Uhuru from sacking Ms. Anne Waiguru who despite the massive corruption in her docket, has kept mum while a massive government machinery come to her aid, from state house Nairobi to hut houses of Mt. Kenya.

In between between there has been all shades of characters, religious and traditional, white-washing her alleged crimes.

CORD Blogger Phil Wesonga who has been following the developments at NCIC posted a while ago:

A short while ago CORD co-principal Moses Wetangula led a team of lawyers including Hon James Orengo and Senior Counsel John Khaminwa to escort Machakos Senstor Johnstone Muthama to honour summons at the NCIC boardroom at KMA Plaza Upper Hill.

During the visit, it emerged that the NCIC received no formal communication from the ODPP regarding the purported inter-agency team.

The NCIC has this morning officially withdrawn its summons against Senator Muthama that were made following complaints by Jubilee MPs led Dagoretti South MP by Hon Dennis Waweru who sent a written petition the NCIC demanding Hon Muthama’s arrest and prosecution.

During the visit to NCIC this morning, it also emerged that the summons issued were not in concordance with the alleged complaint raised by Hon Dennis Waweru.

This is yet another win by the opposition CORD coalition as Senator Muthama continues to be vindicated against baseless charges brought by individuals seeking to divert attention from the failures of the Jubilee Administration.


EMBARRASSING: Uhuru MEETING Leaders of ‘Kiosk’ Countries, NOT KNOWN even by GOOGLE!


Anybody knows where Guyana is? what they export? what value they can add to Kenya? All powerful leaders seem not to have time for our beloved president.

Uhuru is only meeting leaders of kiosk countries like Guyana, kiberiti etc (see photos on his wall). Vladmir Putin, Barack Obama, Angel Makkel, PM Hollard among others seem not to have time for Kenya’s President for their own good.

Some of the little island countries which President Uhuru is meeting their leaders, are well known tax havens when dictators hide their ill gotten wealth (At least Uhuru is not a dictator yet)… But substantial amounts of cash has disappeared under CS Anne Waiguru.

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editor6995944611612857281-524x350Kajiado Governor David Nkedianye. PHOTO | FILE


The Kajiado County government is on the spot for spending Sh2.5 million on mobile phones.

The money was used to buy 24 phones for chief officers and executive committee members.

Governor David Nkedianye, who appeared before the Senate County Public Accounts and Investment Committee on Tuesday, was taken to task for spending such a huge sum of money on the gadgets.

According to the Auditor-General’s report, the Samsung Galaxy Note III smart phones were bought at varying prices.


The committee members demanded to know why the governor approved the transaction, in which some of the phones were bought for Sh90,000 each while others fetched Sh80,000.

The prices, according the Auditor-General, were beyond what is allowed by the Office of the President through a circular sent to all counties.

Also, Procurement and Public Finance Management regulations were not followed because there were no requisitions to support the need for the phones and it was not clear who they would be allocated to.

“Where is value for money when such an amount is used on gadgets that could have cost much less? You don’t just spend without getting value for money,” Kajiado Senator Peter Mositet said.

The Senator said the county could have bought phones for Sh30,000 each.


The governor was also accused of paying Sh12 million to private lawyers for legal services without following  proper procedures.

This, the committee said, defied a circular from the Attorney-General and another from the Presidency that provided guidelines on the engagement or appointment of private law firms.

“Payment vouchers and records to support the basis of payments including written instructions, any contracts signed between the law firms and employer were missing,” the Auditor-General’s report says.

The governor told the committee chaired by Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o that the procurement officer could better explain the matter.

Assets ownership was also faulted, with the governor accusing MCAs of frustrating efforts to recover property owned by the defunct local authorities.

Dr Nkedianye said the county was yet to account for public land in private hands due to frustration by MCAs who worked under the local authorities.


Senator Mositet agreed with him, saying many cases of land grabbing were unresolved as a result.

“Assets ownership documents have not been fully processed though we have a County Land Management Board. This has been a thorny issue,” said the governor.


Court suspends decision to retire Grace Kaindi

GRACEFormer Deputy Inspector-General of Police Grace Kaindi, who was on September 1, 2015 dropped as the second-highest-ranking police officer in major changes announced by President Uhuru Kenyatta. FILE PHOTO 

The Labour court has stopped the NPSC from replacing Grace Kaindi as Deputy IG pending the determination of her fresh case over the removal.

Justice Nduma Nderi issued the directive on Monday evening after Kaindi filed a fresh case challenging her removal by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In her application, Kaindi said her removal from office, appointment as Ambassador of Kenya and advertising the position were illegal and unconstitutional.

The NPSC advertised the position in local dailies on Monday, setting October 9 as the applications deadline.

Applicants must be Kenyan nationals, with degrees from recognised universities or equivalents, serving as police officers of or above the rank of assistant IG.

Kaindi had withdrawn the case on September 16 saying she would seek other avenues for redress.

She was replaced on September 1 with Joe Kitili, who holds the docket in an acting capacity.

This was after she allegedly declined to influence a Sh12 billion police upgrade project.



Here are 5 grounds that may see UHURU impeached and sent packing from State House


Tuesday September 29, 2015 – The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) has listed five grounds in their motion that is pushing for the impeachment of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

CORD, which has already filed a motion of impeachment, accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of abdicating his Constitutional responsibilities and for failing the country.

“It is evident that the President has fragrantly and without compunction abrogated his duty of protecting the Constitution and ensuring the rule of law. The country, as a result, is slowly turning into a lawless nation bedeviled with impunity and anarchy. It thus behooves this National Assembly to rise to the occasion and save this country from being declared a failed state,” CORD says in the motion.

Here are five grounds that CORD has listed as reasons why they are asking MPs to impeach Uhuru;-

1. Acting in blatant contempt of the courts of the Republic of Kenya as established by law.

2. Failing to secure and safeguard the people of Kenya.

3. Assenting to bills that are unconstitutional.

4. Interfering with the independence of commissions and independent offices.

5. Aiding and abetting corruption in the public service.