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TRENDING PHOTO: DP Ruto And Machakos County First Lady Amazing ‘Chemistry’ emerges.


There is a joke doing rounds that if you ask DP Ruto and Machakos County first lady Her Excellency madam Lilian Nganga Mutua what was the score line in yesterday’s CECAFA finals between Kenya’s Harambee Stars and Zanzibar they will not tell. They spent much of the time staring at each other than watching the match/game.

After DP Ruto’s photos went viral, now a photo of 1st Lady Lilian Mutua-Nganga has emerged in which her fisilet tactics are best captured (hahahaha). In both pictures, soon to be exGovernor after the ruling of the petition acteerde as a buffer between then.





(Video) Minority Leader Mbadi kicked out of Parliament for saying Kenya has no president as he Energizes NRM resistance.

Hon. John Mbandi National Assembly Minority Leader.

National Assembly Minority Leader John Mbadi has been thrown out of the chambers for saying that Kenya “has no President”.

Mr Mbadi, who is also the Suba South MP, was contributing to a procedural motion during the Thursday morning sitting when he made the remark.


“As we prepare to go to recess today, there is no need of being recalled to approve anything by the president because as far as I am concerned, there is no sitting president,” Mr Mbadi said.

The remark was met by shouting and jeers from Jubilee MPs.

Speaker Justin Muturi then ordered Mr Mbadi to immediately withdraw the statement “no sitting president” before continuing with his remarks.

“I have ordered you the leader of minority to either withdraw the statement or face the consequences, which you know. I will not allow such statements to be made under my watch,” Mr Muturi said.

“Some statements you are comfortable making outside there and not within this chamber. When you are outside there, you can say anything you want and will get away with it but not here under my watch.”

The speaker used standing order 107 (2a) to order him to withdraw his remarks which states; “unparliamentary language means the use of words which, in the opinion of the person presiding, are deemed to be impolite, rude, abusive or inconsistent with parliamentary procedure or practice.”

“Honourable John Mbadi, I cannot engage in a discourse with you. You must withdraw your statement that there is no President in Kenya or withdraw from the chamber,” ordered Speaker Muturi.

In a quick rejoinder, Mbadi said, “Mr. Speaker I would rather withdraw from the chamber than withdraw from my statement, There is no president in Kenya,” said a defiant Mbadi.

There was further drama when the Speaker ordered Mbadi to leave immediately and not turn it into an occasion.

Hon. John Mbandi
“Honourable Mbadi this is not an occasion for shaking hands when you are ordered to withdraw from the chamber you are supposed to withdraw,” he said.

In the meantime, Parliament has today voted for the nine nominees to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA). The following was the final result.

Nominees to EALA
Final results of both the Senate and the National Assembly

NASA nominees
1. Kennedy Musyoka 309
2. Oburu Oginga 243
3. Abdikadir Aden 234
4. Fatuma Ibrahim 143

Jubilee nominees
1. Simon Mbugua 286
2. Florence Jematia 252
3. Mpuru Aburi 208
4. Nooru Adan 192
5. Wanjiku Muhia 180

This ended the intense lobbying that characterised the push by most of those who were nominated by the parties.

Big names such as Jubilee’s Charles Nyachae (former NCIC commission boss) and NASA’s Norman Magaya lost their bids.

The Senate and National Assembly subjected the nominees to a vote through a secret ballot.

They are set to be sworn in on Monday next week at Arusha in Tanzania for the assembly to start its business in January next year.

In addition, The parliament has constituted the committee on appointments which will vet cabinet secretaries once Uhuru Kenyatta unveils his second term line up before it adjourns and goes for recess. There is a lot of shove as many governors are no longer recognizing Uhuru as President due to organized scheme currently in progress.





”Why Corruption Will Not End In Kenya”- Lawyer Donald Kipkorir

dbknude (1)
Lawyer Donald Kipkorir

Why Corruption Will Not End In Kenya, An Impediment To Our National Aspirations:

1. From the time we enter Class 1, our teachers inculcate on us the importance of good grades, and not necessarily the process …. We are never taught that hard & honest work pays …

2. From young age, we are taught to be negative tribalists … You can say what you want, but all Kenyans are negative tribalists … the argument that the youth are not tribal is Fake News … Negative tribalists will look out to vote in their own to office without regard to policy or integrity.

3. We pretend to be a Capitalist State, but we aren’t … Kenya is a primitive Hunters & Gatherers Society …. We never ask how people have made their wealth … Every person must account for every shilling they own …

4. Constitutional offices that are meant to be independent aren’t …. When Constitutional bodies are more excited like teenagers to please the Government rather than serve public good, then we are screwed!

5. In public & private offices, employment & promotion is based near solely on tribe, and not merit ….

6. In our daily lives, we are corrupt … motorists even with children on board jump traffic lights and traffic jams; Hotel waiters always bring bills that are incomplete and say they forgot to add the drink and thus steal from the employer; even in Petrol Stations, when you wash your car, the attendant tells you to pay the Manager for plain car wash but that you pay him for shampooing!

7. The President must lead by example … It is not what he says that count, but what he does … A President must never benefit from public office and his family must not …

No country has developed where corruption exists … no matter what Goverment propaganda says … Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel, etc don’t allow corruption of any kind … They have no natural resources but are advanced economies …

Corrupt countries even though endowed with natural resources can’t go anywhere, like Nigeria, Angola, DR. Congo etc … In Africa, only South Africa ( bec its Institutions work), Ethiopia & Rwanda will Succeed ….

Kenya can still decide what it wants ….



List Of Counties Including Jubilee’s Mandera Passed The People’s Assembly Supporting Raila Inauguration.

Raila Odinga (RAO).

The following are the list of counties that have ratified the People’s Assembly sponsored by prime minister Raila’ NASA/NRM.

Vihiga and Mandera counties are the latest to pass the bills, Mandera county in particular is a county which Jubilee rigged heavily and assumed to be Uhuru stronghold shocked many with adoption of the bill.

More other counties are expected before and after the inauguration of People’s president Raila on Tuesday 12 December.

1. Siaya County
2. Vihiga County
3. Homabay County
4. Kakamega County
5. Busia County
6. Bungoma County
7. Migori County
8. Kisumu County
9. Mombasa County
10. Kitui County
11. Makueni County
12. Kilifi County
13. Kwale County
14. Machakos County
15.Mandera County
16. Vihiga.

Tunasema, ASANTE SANA!

In the meantime, Did you know Uhuru Kenyatta and Attorney General Githu Muigai are actully cousins? Did you also know Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime is fuelled by kleptocracy? In other Words, kleptocracy as seen in the Kenyan situation, is a government or state in which those in power exploit national resources and steal; rule by a thief or thieves. Sema resist.

Attorney General Githu Muiga (left) and Uhuru Kenyatta (right).23172575_1277203559051704_6112200982352293621_n



”Arrest or Detain Raila And Uhuru Will Be Chased From Statehouse ”- Miguna Miguna Warns AG Githu Muigai

Miguna Miguna

NASA’s National Resistance Movement (NRM) general Dr Miguna Miguna has launched a scathing attack on the Attorney General Githu Muigai.

This is after the AG on Thursday said Opposition leader Raila Odinga’s swearing in was an act of high treason that attracts DEATH PENALITY.

Dr Miguna an international barrister of high standing hit back at AG Muigai and asked the opposition supporters to ignore the AG’s tribally skewed legal opinion.

“Mr. Githu Muigai isn’t a stupid man. So, when he spouts gibberish in the name of “legal opinion” with respect to the swearing in of The People’s President, the #NRM does nothing but ignore him. Forward, ever! Backward, never!” Miguna tweeted, Thursday.

The former legal advisor to Prime Minister Raila Odinga further dared the government’s legal advisor to dare arrest, charge and prosecute Raila.

By doing this, Miguna said it will be easy for Kenyans to remove President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto from power.

“To the illegitimate AG Githu Muigai: The #NRM DARES you to arrest, charge and PROSECUTE The People’s President.

@RailaOdinga. Please act fast so that the people can remove the despotic duo from their illegitimate positions forthwith,” added Miguna.




Migori MCAs admitted in Mombasa due to food poisoning – Attempted assassinations

Mr Julius Ogogo wheels in Gekaharaka Getambwega MCA Bageni Nildad for admission at Nyali Healthcare Ltd, Mombasa County, on November 26, 2017. Fifteen MCAs from Migori were treated for food poisoning and eight were later flown to Nairobi and Migori for further treatment. PHOTO | LABAN WALLOGA | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Eight out of 15 Migori MCAs, who were treated for food poisoning in Mombasa County, have been flown to Nairobi and Migori counties for further treatment.

The MCAs were rushed to various private hospitals in Mombasa after a cholera scare on Sunday.


Several MCAs suffered a bout of severe food poisoning after consuming what doctors described as contaminated food.

They experienced diarrhoea and vomiting after eating at their hotel on Saturday night. Other MCAs who did not eat at the hotel did not fall sick.

“Five of us – Caroline Okere, Gerishon Owii, Joseph Mugosi Hoyo and Nildad Bageni – flew on Sunday night,” said Mr Owii.


Speaking to the Nation on the phone, Mr Owii said he was preparing to go for further treatment at St Joseph’s Mission Hospital in Migori.

“About four or five of us were airlifted to Nairobi. I am very tired and fatigued. But thank God the vomiting has stopped what is remaining is diarrhoea. I am going to the hospital but my health is improving,” said Mr Owii.

Kuria West MCA Joseph Hoyo said they were booked at a hotel in Mombasa for three days induction.

Kuria West MCA Joseph Hoyo at Nyali Healthcare Ltd, Mombasa County, on November 26, 2017 where he was admitted. He and 14 other Migori MCAs were treated for food poisoning. PHOTO | LABAN WALLOGA | NATION MEDIA GROUP


“We were 57 MCAs but only 15 MCAs were affected. I almost died due to diarrhoea and vomiting. I was the most affected. The rest were afraid of me; they thought I had cholera,” said Mr Hoyo.

Nyali Healthcare Ltd director Esther Ikiara said 11 MCAs were treated for food poisoning at the facility.

“They remained stable although they will need a bit of recovery to improve from fatigue and dehydration,” she said.


A Cholera outbreak has killed four people in Mombasa in the past week.

The cases are as a result of food and water contamination.

Most of the cases were reported in Jomvu and Changamwe sub-Counties and the disease has spread to Kwale and Kilifi counties.


Mombasa County Secretary Francis Thoya assured residents that the mounds of garbage in Mombasa will be cleared in the next two days.

Mr Thoya admitted that the county has been having challenges in cleaning the city.

“The county did not have equipment to clear the garbage. The matter has been sorted. County cleaners will be working 24 hours in a period of four days to clear the garbage,” he said.

Speaking during a clean-up initiative at Uwanja wa Mbuzi, Mr Thoya assured the residents of improvement in clearing the garbage that leads to frequent disease outbreaks.

The clean-up is part of efforts by Governor Hassan Joho’s administration to eradicate cholera.


Mr Thoya linked the state of uncleanliness to the spread of cholera.

“Part of the activities we need to contain it is to clear the garbage. The county is committed to ensure that our town is clean. We have to admit there is a lot of garbage but we have already started the cleaning process,” he said.

“We are now moving to outwards. We are going to enhance garbage collection daily,” he added, saying infrequent collection of garbage had led to a build-up.


Last week, the county government banned hawking of bottled water and outsourcing of food in an effort to curb the spread of cholera that has killed four people.

Patients suffering from cholera are isolated and admitted at three Cholera Treatment Centres at Majengo Dispensary in Mvita sub-county, Port Reitz in Changamwe, and Utange in Kisauni, to curb the spread of the highly infectious disease.

More than 2,000 traders have also been vaccinated against disease.