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MAJOR DRAMA: Governor Alfred Mutua Sets Record Of Tarmacking Roads In Kenya in fear of losing case.

By Alfred Mutua

I have today led my roads team in the tarmacking of the Kivandini – Masinga Road.

We spend too much time building roads in Kenya. Corruption, poor logistics and fear of embracing new ideas are among the reasons for the slow pace.

Using the Super Maendeleo Chap Chap Philosophy, we are applying a tarmac seal at a record 100 metres in 1 minute; 1 kilometer in 10 minutes!
We have proven today that it can be done and residents of Masinga will soon enjoy a well tarmacked road.

The 21 kilometer road is one of 10 ongoing road projects in the County. Fully funded and constructed by the Machakos County government, machinery and our very own engineers.

This is the philosophy that Machakos County will use to tarmac all our roads and to ensure that even the Mwananchi in the remotest part of Machakos gets quality road infrastructure.

I have a vision for Machakos and I will not rest until the people of Machakos get premier service from my government.





TRENDING PHOTO: DP Ruto And Machakos County First Lady Amazing ‘Chemistry’ emerges.


There is a joke doing rounds that if you ask DP Ruto and Machakos County first lady Her Excellency madam Lilian Nganga Mutua what was the score line in yesterday’s CECAFA finals between Kenya’s Harambee Stars and Zanzibar they will not tell. They spent much of the time staring at each other than watching the match/game.

After DP Ruto’s photos went viral, now a photo of 1st Lady Lilian Mutua-Nganga has emerged in which her fisilet tactics are best captured (hahahaha). In both pictures, soon to be exGovernor after the ruling of the petition acteerde as a buffer between then.




Ida, NASA chiefs made Raila retreat

NASA Principal leader Raila Amollo Odinga (RAO).

Raila, the once future President, found himself alone.

Three NASA principals did not support the much-hyped swearing-in of Raila Odinga as the People’s President, leading to collapse of the plan. Raila, the fourth principal, gave in. The pressure to capitulate was enormous.

There were fears of convulsive violence leading to deaths of innocent supporters, fears that Raila himself would be arrested and jailed for treason for life, fears his legacy would be irredeemably tarnished and his cause of electoral justice and democracy would founder.


NASA announced on Sunday that it had postponed the inauguration from today to a later date. Yesterday the Star learnt the decision to call off the ceremony was reached on Sunday after intense discussions among Raila, his family, NASA leaders and diplomats led by US Ambassador Robert Godec. It is understood Raila’s wife Ida told those pushing for Raila’s swearing-in to swear in someone else — not her husband.

She has avoided active politics since she lost her son Fidel in January 2015 and her daughter Rosemary fell sick this year. Ida and other family members were worried Raila could have been jailed for life if he had been sworn-in at the age 72.

“She was very clear the swearing-in was crazy and wondered where it came from,” a family member told the Star.

From the onset, the NASA principals were opposed.


Kalonzo Musyoka of Wiper, also NASA’s Deputy President candidate; Musalia Mudavadi (ANC) and Moses Wetang’ula (Ford-Kenya) all believed inauguration would hurt their cause. Separately and through lieutenants, they urged Raila to drop the idea. Kalonzo, tending to his ailing wife in Germany, raised objections through Wiper leaders, including Governor Kivutha Kibwana and Wiper deputy leader Farah Maalim. Mudavadi and Wetang’ula reportedly spoke with Raila several times last week and at the weekend and pushed for scrapping the idea. Their biggest fear was lack of a plan for what NASA would do after the oath was administered.

They feared a confrontation with the police — who said they would arrest ‘President’ Raila — that could have caused the deaths of many people.


“The question asked was what happens after Raila is sworn in? The fact NASA could not protect its supporters made it possible for old counsel to prevail,” a NASA MP told the Star. Even Siaya Senator James Orengo — who was once vociferously in favour of swearing-in — went quiet.

David Ndii, chair of the organising committee and a proponent of secession, is also said to have opposed the oath-taking. Only former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama was steadfastly in support of the inauguration in Mombasa. This was despite warning that everyone involved would be arrested and charged.

US ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec made it clear to Raila the international community would not support his idea. He said swearing-in would be counterproductive and erode Raila’s democratic credentials. Yesterday Godec praised Raila’s move.

“NASA’s decision yesterday (Sunday) is a positive step. We again call for a sustained, open, and transparent national conversation involving all Kenyans to build national unity and address long-standing issues,” he tweeted.

On Friday last week, Godec led a powerful Western envoys’ delegation to Raila’s office where they pleaded with him to back down. The envoys urged him to avoid engaging in any illegal activity.

“I stress the need to uphold the Constitution. We urge the government, opposition and all Kenyans to engage in open, transparent national conversation,” Godec said on Friday.

Raila’s spokesperson Dennis Onyango said NASA is committed to dialogue on security reforms, securing and strengthening the Judiciary, devolution and governance structure. This was rejected by President Uhuru Kenyatta who ruled out any electoral reforms talks. Yesterday Uhuru again said he will not engage in endless politics at the expense of development.

Dismay and anger greeted the decision by NASA to postpone the swearing-in of Raila by supporters, some calling it an act of cowardice. Immediately after the postponement announcement on Sunday, NASA supporters said the coalition had let them down.


Supporters were furious with Raila’s long-time adviser Salim Lone, who tried to justify postponement. Ben Musungu, ODM National Youth Coordinator, said, “Disappointed to the core as was on my way to Mombasa. No phone calls. Don’t know anything,” he wrote on Facebook before pulling it down.

“Welcome to Cord-madness. NASA world. Talk, heave, puff, bluff play games, promise Gold, deliver tissue. Repeat process. Long live Baba,” Political analyst and strategist Benji Ndolo wrote.

via Star Kenya

Senator Moses Wetangula is one sly politician who can never be trusted with anything. He said things during the CORD agenda which made Raila get Hon. Mudavadi to form NASA.
Three NASA principals did not support the much-hyped swearing-in of Raila Odinga as the People’s President, leading to collapse of the plan.
Three NASA principals Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi  did not support the much-hyped swearing-in of Raila Odinga as the People’s President, leading to collapse of the plan. These two are fighting each other to be a flag bearer next round. The plan will back fire badly on them.
Kalonzo-Musyoka1 (1).jpg
ODM supporters are accusing Hon Kalonzo Musyoka for betraying them, they are calling him a coward, watermelon who betrayed them because of some few shillings from Jubilee and Uhuru Kenyatta. Majority of ODM are saying that their leader Raila Odinga never retreats in fear when he says anything, they are now planning to revisit, review their relationship between them and wiper party to prepare for 2022 election. 
An ODM MP said that Kalonzo Musyoka has overstayed in Germany and his quietness is suspect.
Hon Kalonzo Musyoka never talked about the formation of NRM, or supported the swearing in of Hon. Raila Odinga but his officials have been opposing every move saying it’s going to hurt our country and recipe for chaos.


Migori MCAs admitted in Mombasa due to food poisoning – Attempted assassinations

Mr Julius Ogogo wheels in Gekaharaka Getambwega MCA Bageni Nildad for admission at Nyali Healthcare Ltd, Mombasa County, on November 26, 2017. Fifteen MCAs from Migori were treated for food poisoning and eight were later flown to Nairobi and Migori for further treatment. PHOTO | LABAN WALLOGA | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Eight out of 15 Migori MCAs, who were treated for food poisoning in Mombasa County, have been flown to Nairobi and Migori counties for further treatment.

The MCAs were rushed to various private hospitals in Mombasa after a cholera scare on Sunday.


Several MCAs suffered a bout of severe food poisoning after consuming what doctors described as contaminated food.

They experienced diarrhoea and vomiting after eating at their hotel on Saturday night. Other MCAs who did not eat at the hotel did not fall sick.

“Five of us – Caroline Okere, Gerishon Owii, Joseph Mugosi Hoyo and Nildad Bageni – flew on Sunday night,” said Mr Owii.


Speaking to the Nation on the phone, Mr Owii said he was preparing to go for further treatment at St Joseph’s Mission Hospital in Migori.

“About four or five of us were airlifted to Nairobi. I am very tired and fatigued. But thank God the vomiting has stopped what is remaining is diarrhoea. I am going to the hospital but my health is improving,” said Mr Owii.

Kuria West MCA Joseph Hoyo said they were booked at a hotel in Mombasa for three days induction.

Kuria West MCA Joseph Hoyo at Nyali Healthcare Ltd, Mombasa County, on November 26, 2017 where he was admitted. He and 14 other Migori MCAs were treated for food poisoning. PHOTO | LABAN WALLOGA | NATION MEDIA GROUP


“We were 57 MCAs but only 15 MCAs were affected. I almost died due to diarrhoea and vomiting. I was the most affected. The rest were afraid of me; they thought I had cholera,” said Mr Hoyo.

Nyali Healthcare Ltd director Esther Ikiara said 11 MCAs were treated for food poisoning at the facility.

“They remained stable although they will need a bit of recovery to improve from fatigue and dehydration,” she said.


A Cholera outbreak has killed four people in Mombasa in the past week.

The cases are as a result of food and water contamination.

Most of the cases were reported in Jomvu and Changamwe sub-Counties and the disease has spread to Kwale and Kilifi counties.


Mombasa County Secretary Francis Thoya assured residents that the mounds of garbage in Mombasa will be cleared in the next two days.

Mr Thoya admitted that the county has been having challenges in cleaning the city.

“The county did not have equipment to clear the garbage. The matter has been sorted. County cleaners will be working 24 hours in a period of four days to clear the garbage,” he said.

Speaking during a clean-up initiative at Uwanja wa Mbuzi, Mr Thoya assured the residents of improvement in clearing the garbage that leads to frequent disease outbreaks.

The clean-up is part of efforts by Governor Hassan Joho’s administration to eradicate cholera.


Mr Thoya linked the state of uncleanliness to the spread of cholera.

“Part of the activities we need to contain it is to clear the garbage. The county is committed to ensure that our town is clean. We have to admit there is a lot of garbage but we have already started the cleaning process,” he said.

“We are now moving to outwards. We are going to enhance garbage collection daily,” he added, saying infrequent collection of garbage had led to a build-up.


Last week, the county government banned hawking of bottled water and outsourcing of food in an effort to curb the spread of cholera that has killed four people.

Patients suffering from cholera are isolated and admitted at three Cholera Treatment Centres at Majengo Dispensary in Mvita sub-county, Port Reitz in Changamwe, and Utange in Kisauni, to curb the spread of the highly infectious disease.

More than 2,000 traders have also been vaccinated against disease.



Here Is Atwoli’s Bombshell That Quaked Statehouse Operatives

Francoise Atwoli

“Anybody who under estimates Raila is ignorant, stupid and mistaken. l won’t apologize for this. Anybody who feels that his people have, will and shall rule Kenya forever is misplaced.We have to open up and tell each other the truth. Raila Odinga can only be compared to Jomo Kenyatta and his father Jaramogi. You don’t fight for revolution, multiparty Democracy and later compare with flower girls. I am a human right activist and l have seen Kenya is headed in the wrong direction.

As part of the people who have been in constant prayer for this country. I have to accept that things are not good. It is not well at all. Something must be done.

Recently I heard some statements saying: Raila will never be a president. Raila can never rule Kenya. Then I came to realize one thing. That Kenya is divided into two. Its between the blind and those who can see… I will not be surprised one day if Odinga comes out and says he has served this country for long enough and feels like he should rest.But this could be the worst thing that could happen to this country.

As we speak, the state machinaries favour some people, and they feel safe and protected. They plan to rule this country from a regime to another.. these are the individuals who think everything is ok. They wonder why some people cannot accept and move on….why some people are resisting. Bank this :Life has a way of teaching fools. There shall come a time in this country where these individuals who have milked all governments, who feel they are better Kenyans than others, who knows nothing a part from celebrating shambolic elections every 5 years shall know what it takes to form an opposition. Presidency is not reserved for a few. God is watching.

The same people who pours to streets every five years to celebrate presidential elections shall one day gather on super highways to steer up civil right demonstration. To gang against incredible polls, to feel the pain and later accept and move on… for now, just Celebrate! ”23172575_1277203559051704_6112200982352293621_n