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Outrage after Sunday Nation senior reporter is arrested for writing about Uhuru’s campaign funding

Nation Media Group journalist, Walter Menya

Nation Media Group journalist, Walter Menya is in police custody after writing a story implicating top public officers involved in a Jubilee campaign lobby.

According to Nation, the journalist has been arrested in connection with a story touching on the Friends of Jubilee Foundation.

The story which was published on Sunday, June 18 questioned the role of three top public officers in the campaign lobby registered as a foundation.

The foundation whose board members include top civil servants came into the limelight after organising a fundraiser which raised KSh 1 billion for Uhuru’s campaign.

In a statement released by the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet, Menya was arrested while sociliting for a bribe to kill the story.

“He has been demanding for money severally to kill the alleged story. At different times he has received a total of KSh35,000 through Mpesa and today he was arrested receiving Sh20,000,” said Boinnet. 

The foundation’s main objective is to ‘alleviate poverty, improve access to education, healthcare, water, sanitation, welfare services and campaign against alcohol and drug abuse in Kenya’ which is contrary to it’s current role. 

According to Menya’s story published by the Nation, the three public officers who sit on the foundation’s board are KRA Commissioner General John Njiraini, Energy PS Joseph Njoroge and Kenya Leather Development Council Board Titus Ibua.

The three are listed as board members and signatories to the foundation’s bank accounts, yet it is illegal for senior civil servants to participate in campaigns.

It is just days since the National Super Alliance (NASA) listed civil servants participating in partisan politics demanding for legal action to be taken against them.

Uhuru Kenyatta regime is accused of money laundering through the Foundations and other means. They are hoping to win the election through bribery while millions of Kenyans suffer. 


Confused Wavinya Ndeti Caught napping – guilty of party hopping, cannot vie on Aug 8 – IEBC

Confused Wavinya Ndeti caught napping and now guilty of party hopping, cannot vie on Aug 8 – IEBC. Corruption is to blame. The lawyer added that having received Wiper’s Platinum Membership Certificate on April 24 when she entered into a Coalition Agreement “the conclusion is irresistible that at the time she was still a member of CCU”/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 16 – Embattled Wiper’s nominee for the Machakos Governor’s seat Wavinya Ndeti is guilty of party hopping, IEBC insists.

And as such, Judge George Odunga heard, she is not eligible to vie on any seat in the August 8 polls.

Lawyer Paul Nyamodi for the polls body Friday submitted that Ndeti is still a member of Chama Cha Uzalendo and that position has not changed.

According to Nyamodi, Ndeti is not a member of Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper following the list of party membership list forwarded to IEBC by March 27.

The lawyer added that having received Wiper’s Platinum Membership Certificate on April 24 when she entered into a Coalition Agreement “the conclusion is irresistible that at the time she was still a member of CCU”.

Arguing that whether or not she resigned from CCU on April 5 is not an issue, IEBC maintained that the same would only be effective “when it is received and delivered by the Registrar of Political Parties.”

Added Nyamodi “there is no evidence that the letter of resignation was delivered and received by the RPP as the law requires.”

Nyamodi further refuted claims by Ndeti that Wiper was not a party before the IEBC to defend its nominee.

“The party was indeed named as a respondent in the matter but it chose to ignore the proceedings,” Justice Odunga heard.

Ndeti is seeking to quash IEBC’s decision to revoke her nomination.

She has faulted the June 8 verdict arguing that it was reached without the electoral body carrying out a search at the Registrar of Political Parties to establish her political membership.

“The process was not fair since no search was conducted to ascertain that the applicant is a member of CCU,” lawyer Willis Ochieng submitted on behalf of Ndeti.

Judge Odunga was urged to find that petitioner Peter Kyalo Kyuli, who is a Machakos County MCA filed his complaint before the wrong forum to determine Ndeti’s political membership.

“The petitioner should have first contested the applicant’s party membership before the Political Parties Dispute Tribunal ,” added Ochieng.

The judge will deliver the verdict next Wednesday.




I did not endorse Uhuru’s re-election, Musila says

A file photo of Kitui Senator David Musila speaking to the people. 

Kitui Senator David Musila claims comments that he supports President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election have been taken out of context.

During a rally on Sunday, the Senator asked youths to support the President on the basis of his record.

“Vote for me as an independent candidate, elect Uhuru without minding his party,” Musila said as he campaigned with Kitui West MP Francis Nyenze.

But on Monday, Musila said he was misquoted by “unknown forces”.

“I did not endorse Uhuru and in fact, I did not endorse anyone. I have made it very clear that I am an independent candidate…I am not supporting Jubilee or anyone,” he said during an interview on Citizen TV.

“I made it clear that anyone can be re-elected. That is where I mentioned that even Uhuru or NASA leader Raila Odinga can be elected. Someone is editing all this.”

He said he does not support any candidate ahead of the elections but noted that NASA should not reject the independent candidates.

Raila rallied his supporters to reject independents at the ballot saying the party needed numerical strength in both Houses of Parliament.

“Usually I would support Jubilee Party…I mean NASA….because people know NASA here,” Musila added.

He and Nyenze have become increasingly critical of Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

Musila ditched Wiper party after he was floored in the Kitui governor’s race. He lost to incumbent Julius Malombe in the results announced. Malombe garnered 88,382 votes while the latter got 74,308.

Shortly after Kalonzo was named Raila’s running mate. Nyenze came out saying Kalonzo will go it alone, a remark that Wiper leaders have distanced themselves from.

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Uhuru move to HUMILIATE Raila in Nyeri BACKFIRES BADLY, Kenyans RALLY BEHIND Raila!

President Uhuru Kenyatta appeared drunk during Madaraka day cerebration as seen here in this photo.


We all know the story of the physically insecure bully who leverages on his ‘older brothers’ or his home town gangs to waylay his hitherto tough opponents. Such a coward often lurches onto ‘dirt’ or other undue advantages to score meaningless points in a battle that if fought on a levelled playing field, they stand zero chance of winning.

And so the President and his deputy displayed such cowardice on a day that was supposed to be a day of celebrating national comity and what brings Kenyans together as a people.

That Raila Odinga chose to attend the celebrations in Nyeri comes as no surprise to nobody given his knack for putting Kenya first.
However, the ‘tough guys’ steering the national ship saw an opportunity to double down on chest thumping and relegated the next president of Kenya to the periphery.

The unforced political faux pas, not only yielded dividends for the enigma, but it also exposed the unbelievable naivete of the ruling duo. All the gobbledygook that they coughed on the occasion ended up being treated as political hokum that it was. On the contrary, everyone is talking about the enigma!

The humiliating show clearly proves that Jubilee is still in disbelief. How can a man that they thought had expired, still be on a national political rampage giving them sleepless nights? The only way that they could feel important was to lock out the enigma out of the program and in essence, commit a juvenile protocol blunder not seen since the ‘tawala Kenya’ days!

Not a single sentence from the bellicose duo could match the enigma’s total silence! Picture that! Put differently, the enigma dominated the function without uttering a single word! It was a classic case of a MAN teaching young boys some much needed lessons without moving a muscle!

But how long will these amigos use the state apparatus to score juvenile political points? When they are not using GSU with big guns to intimidate Governor Joho in Mombasa, they are busy making bone-headed maneuvers to silence RAO in a function that’s supposed to be about Kenya.

Any student of history knows that powers derived from officialdom are temporary and can easily warn any mammal with a fraction of a brain to go slow on pulling the trigger.

To make it worse, they cannot pin this on the pliable civil servants in charge of protocol because we all know that under a schizophrenic administration like Jubilee, orders come from ‘above’ and trust me, they are not from God.

Thank you for giving Raila and NASA more airtime and while at it, we regret that you had the guts to mangle a national holiday just to settle political scores. 8.8.17 can’t get here soon enough.

After Raila wins the Presidency, Kalonzo should retire.

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka (right) and senator Johnson Muthama (left) in a past photo.

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka is arguably one of the most experienced politicians, having served many years in Parliament and government. But this same experience shows he is a man who has only used his rise in power for selfish gain.

Kalonzo has a long history of being unsupportive of his own community and supporters. He can be best compared to a man who climbs a tree and then trips off the ladder so no one else can ascend.

The former Vice President has served in several governments but has not been linked to any development or personal assistance to individuals in his Kamba community. In fact, he has used his community as a pawn in the game of politics.

When he identifies community members with the potential for leadership, he either exploits them or tries to suppress them. He has used their clout and supporters to get himself to the negotiating table, claiming to have the community’s interests at heart.

This new crop of leaders has deserted him. Their defection from Wiper to Jubilee is not surprising to many.

If one doubts that Kalonzo’s clout has withered, they just need to recall what we saw happen in Migwani a week ago.

It appears that the Kambas’ frustration with Kalonzo has only been contained by their relative respect for Kitui Senator David Musila. With his exit from Wiper, where he served as chairman, many seem to feel a sense of liberation.

Those who have moved away from Wiper say they have encountered virtually no resistance when selling the Jubilee Party in Ukambani. They believe that this is because they are already seen to be unyoking themselves before the Kalonzo fallout with his community.

The showdown in Migwani clearly shows he is a man under siege.
There were about 3,000 people at the burial of Musila’s mother. Kalonzo arrived halfway through the burial, but, unlike in the past, there was no cheering or clapping.

He hugged and greeted the dignitaries, including Nyiva Mwendwa, Francis Nyenze, Charity Ngilu and Musila. When they stood up to speak, they all, excluding Ngilu, expressed disdain towards what happened to Musila and pledged support towards him.

It was clear no one was happy with Kalonzo’s mismanagement of the Wiper primaries. This came only days after Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama accused him of mismanaging the party.

Videos from the event show when he stood up to speak there was relative silence. Then they gradually started shouting at his comments to the extent that he even pleaded with them not to undress him in public. But they jeered on.

All hell broke loose for Kalonzo when he denied rigging Musila out. The crowd went crazy, the youth shouted, the women booed and all but about 400 people stood up and marched out.

Debate continues to rage in Ukambani on Kalonzo’s role in leading the community.

The time has come and his exit is executed by his own selfish endeavours, which have seen him use and dump his allies instead of walking with them.

Though Musila lost in the nominations, what Kalonzo did to him will most likely earn him the sympathy votes that will make him the next governor of Kitui county.

Senator David Musila lost in the nominations, what Kalonzo did to him will most likely earn him the sympathy votes that will make him the next governor of Kitui county.

Major Showdown today as Joho vows to storm Uhuru’s SGR launch

IMG_9909Another ugly encounter looms in Mombasa today after Governor Hassan Joho said he will gatecrash the launch of the standard gauge railway by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The launch of the flagship project will kick off Uhuru’s presidential reelection campaign in the perceived opposition stronghold of the Coast.

A major ceremony is planned to commission the project. It is not known whether Joho, his vocal critic, will be admitted or allowed to speak.

“I will storm the celebrations and tell off Kenyatta too his face during the flagging off of the SGR project,” the Mombasa governor said on Monday.

Joho, who has engaged in public spats with Uhuru, said he will use the occasion to reveal how the Jubilee administration “inflated the cost of the SGR by Sh100 billion to benefit cartels”.

The Coast kingpin and ODM deputy party leader said the President must be told in no uncertain terms how his administration has presided over massive misappropriation of public resources.

“I’m my own man. I don’t fear anybody. My fate lies with my creator, God, not human beings,” Joho said at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University grounds in Bondo constituency.

Joho warned that he will not toleratet any attempt by security forces to block him from the SGR launch as they did during Uhuru’s relaunch of the Mtongwe Ferry on March 13.

He was put under “office arrest” for most of the the day until Uhuru left for State House, Mombasa. Heavily armed police officers also kept Joho’s supporters at bay.

Early last year, Uhuru crossed swords on January 5 during the opening of the Buxton Footbridge in Mombasa. Uhuru took state credit. Johoi said it was a World Bank project.

Joho yesterday said he will not be cowed into relenting in his war on corruption “being perpetuated by the Jubilee administration”.

He said he is willing to “go to the stake” to take Uhuru and DP William Ruto head-on in the August 8 polls.

“I will expose lies peddled by the Jubilee administration,” he said. “I know a similar predicament to block me might happen again.”

Joho dared Uhuru and Ruto to arrest him “before or after [I] exposing their corrupt practices surrounding the SGR”.

He urged Kenyans not to reelect the duo, saying they have failed to tackle the rising cost of living. “The skyrocketing prices of basic commodities leave wananchi at the mercies of cartels,” Joho said.

He has assembled a team of “vibrant firefighting youths” to travel the country and consolidate support for NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

The team also includes Suna East MP Junet Mohamed, Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok, Emkaksai East MP candidate Babu Owino and Mbita MP Milly Odhiambo, among others.

“We will ensure Uhuru ends up in the opposition,” Joho added.

Joho said he is tired of harassment by state operatives. The state has gone after his family businesses, KRA has wanted his bank accounts frozen. His academic papers have been probed.

He said Jubilee can use all the state machinery to try and silence him from speaking about its ills. “But as long as my mouth is open, I’ll continue spitting venom against their misdeeds”.

Joho was accompanied by Siaya Senator James Orengo, MPs Gideon Ochanda (Bondo), Oburu Oginga (nominated), Junet and Gladys Wanga (Homa Bay).



Governor Nanok STRIKES DP Ruto HARD, Tells him to STOP CHEAP LIES not befittinga a Christian he pretends to be.

IMG_9884Governors have blamed the national government for failing to curb food crisis and alleviate hunger.

Through the Council of Governors, they faulted Jubilee for trying to shift blame to the counties.

They said even though agriculture is a devolved function, the national government has stalled and refused to hand it over.

“Although this is an election campaign season, CoG, states that national government should not play politics with the lives of Kenyans. The national government needs to own up to its failure and not shift blame to the county governments,” chairman Josephat Nanok said.

The transfer of devolved functions in agriculture, including management of silos and grain store, procurement and distribution of subsidised fertiliser and seed did not take place as envisioned in the Constitution frustrating farming, Nanok said.

“While the national government was assuring the county of adequate grain, the state department of agriculture, livestock and fisheries had distributed bad seeds and fertiliser that had impact on harvest amounting to economic sabotage,” governors said in a statement.

They called for an explanation on why the national government did not respond to calls for restocking of counties stores with adequate maize.

The government created a price crisis, despite the early warning from drought and meteorological state departments.

They blamed the national government for the slow finalisation of agriculture policies to guide the development of the sector, as well as the development of laws that do not recognise counties as the key drivers of the development.

Nanok cited the Crops Act, AFA Act, National Cereal and Produce Board Act as some of those laws that set up departments and institutions in the agriculture sector that frustrate counties’ efforts.

“Above all, the national government has starved counties of resources to fully implement these devolved functions by declining to restructure national government agencies,” he said.

The Turkana governor said the national government, through the NCPB, should ensure there is enough grain in the stores, thus having enough locally produced maize by farmers.

Local maize, they say, should not be used as a scapegoat by any government in meeting the constitutional requirements to ensure Kenyans have enough food.