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WETANGULA splits NASA completely with his latest statement after RAILA’s fraudulent defeat – Was he UHURU’s mole and in payroll?

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula and Uhuru Kenyatta in a past photo

Tuesday August 22, 2017 – Trouble is brewing within the National Super Alliance (NASA) after its flag bearer, Raila Odinga, failed to clinch the Presidency against President Uhuru Kenyatta of Jubilee after an organized scheme in Nairobi with a common theme.

This is after Ford Kenya leader, Moses Wetangula, who is also a NASA co-principal, declared that he would succeed Raila as the NASA flag bearer.

Speaking at the Christ the King Church in Bungoma Town on Sunday, Wetangula shocked everyone when he dismissed Kalonzo Musyoka as the likely successor of Raila saying he will be the one to take over from baba.

He announced that he is gunning for the Presidency on a NASA ticket in 2022 and that everyone, including Raila, Kalonzo and Mudavadi should support him.

“I will vie for the Presidency following Raila Odinga’s declaration that he would not seek the Presidency again,” Wetangula stated.

“I sacrificed my ambition to support Raila Odinga in the just concluded elections for the sake of NASA unity.”

“This was despite having launched my Presidential bid but because he won’t go for the big seat, I will go for it in 2022,” he added.

By making such a declaration, Mr. Wetangula seemed to be endorsing the current illegal activities in which Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta was declared president after computer fraud was enacted to give him illegal victory.

Mr. Wetangula’s words and actions speak volumes in the midst of a serious electoral dispute.



Shock: Another IEBC Officer Ms Caroline Odiga Murdered, Body Badly Mutilated- Police boss Confirms!

Caroline Odinga

The body of Caroline Odinga, who was an IEBC officer in Siaya County , has been found at Sega in a thicket (bush), her body is badly mutilated!

Ms Odiga was DEPUTY Presiding Officer, her murder has been confirmed by Siaya County Police Commander Sarah Duncan.

Madam Caroline Odiga was the only female teacher at Ugenya High school.

Madam Odiga was found murdered and her badly mutilated body laying in a thicket near her house.

For how long will this continue?

Several other electoral officials across the country are alleged to have gone into hiding. There are allegations that some have been called by their bosses to sign afresh forms 34A and 34B that are different from what they signed with agents at polling and tallying centres.

Please, if you know any RO in the Just concluded 8/8/17 Kenyan elections, tell them to be careful.

The body of Siaya County IEBC Deputy Preciding Officer Carolyne Odinga. She was brutally murdered and her body dumped in Sega Siaya County after she refused to sign fraudulent IEBC documents, sources say. She was the only lady teacher at Ugenya High School.

We must remember that, Uhuru Kenyatta was accused of eliminating over 300 Mungiki youth who were part of 2007-2008 election violence gang supporting him. Let us hope the same will not be repeated for the IEBC returning officers in the just concluded election. Anyone who witnessed something unusual during the just concluded election must speak up before it’s too late.



Kenyan Court grants Matiba over Sh500 million for Moi era torture

Veteran politician Kenneth Matiba (Seated) speaking with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Veteran politician Kenneth Matiba suffered a serious stroke on May 26, 1991, but remained in detention without medication for one week.

And for the torture in the hands of state agents, the multi-party crusader will now be paid half a billion shillings by the state.

The award, the highest paid to a victim of torture so far, was given by Supreme Court judge Isaac Lenaola on Wednesday.

The judge had handled the case at the High court before he was promoted to the highest court in the land.

Lenaola said Matiba had proven great violations were meted upon him by state agents before he was released on June 4, 1991.

This was two days after a head scan confirmed he was bleeding in his brain and required urgent blockage of the arteries.

“Real justice can be expensive and nothing in compensation can return Kenneth Stanley Jindo Matiba to the sprightly and fit man that he was before his detention.”

The judge further agreed Matiba’s medical condition was triggered by the events in detention.

“It so greatly affected the business acumen, attention, focus, energy guidance and leadership that he was giving his companies,” the judge said.

Lenaola agreed with Matiba’s family that the complainant’s businesses deteriorated while others collapsed owing to his absence at their helm.

The judgment was read on his behalf by Justice Chacha Mwita.

Matiba, 85, had sought Sh4,726,332,042.91, being the total worth of his businesses that collapsed owing to his incarceration.

But Lenaola said it was only proper that the state should bear 20 per cent of his claim.

For the torture and inhumane treatment in the hands of state agents, the judge awarded Matiba Sh15 million.

And for medical costs, the judge gave him Sh18 ,146,631.52 and a further Sh 471,664,258.50 as compensation for financial losses.


Matiba’s woes began with the 1990 Saba Saba rally, when he and politician Charles Rubia called for an end of the single-party rule.

He had sued the government for detention and torture. The family claims he lost investments worth Sh5 billion in commercial real estate and in privately held shares.

Before then, the family argued the politician had an illustrious career in politics and a flourishing business empire.

To convince the court, they called a financial and investment analyst Lawrence Murigi who estimated financial in public trading shares at Sh329 million and loss in dividends at Sh210 million.

The court heard proceeds from the companies were disposed off to offset loans but his empire drastically shrank after he sold off the prestigious Hillcrest Group of Schools.

This was part of a settlement his family had made with Barclays Bank to recover a debt.

Matiba had earlier lost control of carbon dioxide manufacturers, Carbacid, as he sold his shares to a private firm.

Other property he lost over debt include Jadini, African and Safari beach hotels and millions of shillings worth of shares at the East African Breweries and the East African Portland Cement.

In the judgment, Justice Lenaola agreed that the collapse of Matiba’s businesses can be traced to his detention saying his Dr Dan Gikonyo’s evidence was not disputed by the state.

Gikonyo, a heart specialist, said Matiba’s medical condition could have been managed by prompt treatment but he was held in detention despite his deteriorating health.

Lenaola however said that to argue that he is entitled to the entire cost of refurbishing one of his hotels is to stretch his claims too far.

“The state must now wake up and realise that past misconduct will not go unpunished.”

Lenaola said the government of the day must accept atrocities were indeed committed adding that it must remain a lesson for Kenya not to return to “those dark days”.

“Justice must be looked at from the prism of ensuring it is seen in the eyes of victims and not the amounts awarded in damages.”

Former President Moi
** FILE ** Former President of Kenya Daniel arap Moi in this October 2002 file photo. A report by the international business consultancy Kroll has accused Daniel arap Moi, the former Kenyan President, of stealing up to $2 billion from his country during his 24-year reign, it emerged last night. The 110-page report, commissioned in 2003 by the Kenyan Government after Mr Moi’s retirement, says that the former President, his family and associates amassed vast fortunes while he was in office, and invested much of it in Britain, the US, South Africa and Australia. Mr Moi’s two sons, Philip and Gideon, were said to be worth $384 million and $550 million. Some of the family wealth is said to be in British bank accounts. (AP Photo/Sayyid Azim, File)

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Family in Mourning After Noma Kanja’s Death. Additional Shock after Organized Scheme Goes Awol.



We have established that the person who died is Noma Kanja, mother-in-law to Muhoho Kenyatta. Noma is the mother to Erika Kanja, wife to Muhoho Kenyatta. She is also the wife to Jimmy Kanja (the late). The other child of Noma and Jimmy Kanja is Trevor Kanja who owns the Galleria Mall.

We are also following to ascertain if there is any relationship between Waruru Kanja, father to Wachira Waruru (CEO ***** Media) and the Jimmy Kanja’s family.


President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family Mourning:

President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family is today mourning the loss of one of their family member who passed away on Wednesday evening. Noma Kanja, the mother-in-law to Uhuru’s brother Muhoho Kenyatta, passed away last evening at a Nairobi hospital.

It’s not yet clear what led to her death.

However, a source in the family told The Press that the deceased had been unwell for some time.

Noma is the mother to Erika Kanja, wife to Muhoho Kenyatta. She is also the wife to the late Jimmy Kanja.

The Kanja family owns the Galleria Mall which jubilee and its cohorts used as venue to facilitate various schemes which have led to current problems in Kenya. Following NASA’s declaration to challenge results in the supreme court, Uhuru Kenyatta’s illegal agenda seem to be going awol.

The Kanja family owns the Galleria Mall which jubilee and its cohorts used as venue to facilitate various schemes

On this note, President Uhuru’s family will have to postpone their celebration for a “Presidential win” little while after this tragedy hit the family.

Muhoho Kenyatta had earlier been the campaign manager for the Jubilee coalition team during the just concluded General elections. May the family find comfort in this dark moments.

president-elect’s younger brother, Muhoho Kenyatta facilitated one of the largest fraud schemes in kenya during the 2017 elections in which the IEBC IT Manager Mr. Msando was assasinated in Nairobi. Other Kenyans have died since President Uhuru has been declared President fraudlently. 

Muhoho Kenyatta (seen above) is Mama Ngina’s youngest child. He was born in 1964. His siblings are: Christine Wambui who was born 1952, Uhuru (1961) and Nyokabi Muthama (1963).

Muhoho Kenyatta is rarely talked about in the media but he is said to be playing a very significant role in his brother’s administration.

According to a report published by the Daily Nation on Sunday, July 3, Muhoho played a major role in ensuring that case against Uhuru at the Hague was terminated.

He even attended a 2014 meeting in which top government officials deliberated on whether Uhuru was to appear before the International Criminal Court judges in person or not.

“Those who know him well say Muhoho wields power which can, perhaps, be rivalled only by family matriarch Mama Ngina Kenyatta, outside the president himself… he is always at hand when strategic political decisions that may affect the Kenyatta family interests are to be taken,” the paper reported.

more to follow.

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More people voted for President than for Governor in Kenyan Election due to Organized scheme.

President Uhuru Kenyatta

Close to 800,000 Kenyans went to their respective polling stations on August 8, only to vote for their preferred presidential candidate, ignoring the other seats, IEBC results suggest. This is an impossibility under the law.

An analysis of IEBC’s countrywide election results indicate that 15,863,193 people participated in the presidential elections as compared to 15,085,122 for governor.

This means that 778,081 people, translating into 4.1 per cent of the registered voters, participated only in presidential polls, over and above those who took part in governor polls. President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared winner, having garnered 54.27 per cent of the votes.

According to IEBC regulations, a voter is strictly to be issued six stamped ballot papers, and has to cast all of them, even if they decide to spoil the ballot for a particular seat.

The revelations are likely to bolster opposition claims that the polls, endorsed by the international community as free and fair, were flawed.

Yesterday, the opposition announced its intention to challenge the presidential results at the Superme Court, saying it believes them to be a product of a hacked computer system.

“We have now decided to move to the Supreme Court and lay before the world the making of computer-generated leadership,” Raila said.

Earlier, the opposition had ruled out going to the Supreme Court.

The revelations from IEBC’s own data are similar to 2013 claims that two million voters allegedly voted only for the President and left without casting a vote for any of the remaining elective seats.

Raila, ahead of last week polls, opposed the award of the ballot paper printing tender to Dubai firm Al Ghurair over fears it would print extra presidential papers which he claimed were to be used to rig in Uhuru.

The IEBC, however, went ahead to contract Al Ghurair after a protracted court battle with the opposition. The commission clarified that only 1.2 million extra presidential papers were printed and promised to account for them after the polls.

In one of the shocking cases, the IEBC portal indicates that in Kirinyaga county for instance, 296,392 more people voted for President than for Senator.

The same trend was replicated in Embu, one of Uhuru’s strongholds, where 200,021 more people voted for President than senator.

The trend, upon deeper interrogation of the results posted on the IEBC portal, played out in almost all counties with a constant range of between 4,000 and 19,000 people voting for President only and not any of the remaining five positions.

In Kilifi, 13,494 people walked into polling stations on Tuesday last week, voted for President and left without casting a vote for governor.

In NASA co-principal Moses Wetangula’s Bungoma turf, IEBC figures indicate that 12,916 voters cast their ballot for President and not any other seat.

Kakamega also had 17,066 people voting for the President position alone, while in Kisii, 16,652 people did not vote for the governor position but voted for the presidential candidates.

In the neighboring Nyamira county, 10,023 only voted for the presidential candidates.

President Uhuru’s Kiambu backyard had 24,676 people casting their votes for the President only.

The other Mt Kenya counties of Murang’a, Kirinyaga and Nyandarua had 5,586, 6,751 and 4,296 respectively voting only for President.

In Raila’s Luo Nyanza support base, the same pattern was witnessed with Migori leading with number of voters participating in the presidential election at 18,848.

Kisumu had 15,922, Homa Bay 14,816, while Siaya recorded 9,912, according to the official results posted by the IEBC.

The IEBC portal in other glaring inconsistencies that erode the credibility of the results posted some Forms 34A with conflicting figures from those keyed in the portal.

For instance, Kisian polling station in Kisumu West constituency, a known Raila stronghold, he scored zero according to the Form 34A posted by IEBC in its online portal.

At the same polling station located at Central Kisumu ward, independent candidate Joseph Nyagah leads the eight presidential candidates with 516 votes followed by Uhuru, who managed a paltry nine votes.

Prior to the polls, IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati clarified that in case of inconsistency between the keyed in results and results captured in Form 34A, the results in Form 34A takes precedence.

“There is a possibility of inconsistencies between the keyed in results transmitted by officers and the scanned forms transmitted. In such cases, the commission has decided that the result in the scanned forms takes precedent,” clarified Chebukati in a communication dated August 4.

At Marinyin Primary School 01 polling station in Bomet county, Konoin constituency, the commission has in its portal a blank Form 34A.


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