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Stop Kisumu Killings!

Organized killing of Kenyan citizens in Kisumu

By Odhiambo Nyamori.


The night long police raids in Kisumu’s neighborhoods of Kondele, Manyatta, Nyalenda, Obunga, Bandani, Nyamasaria, and Mamboleo, and the blood, broken limbs and death that have been left in their trails should be investigated and those found culpable charged with murder.

The current police and military siege in Kisumu, where any resident seen in the street is shot at with live bullets must end. There is totally no justification for this. Kisumu residents should be allowed to go about their businesses like other citizens across the country. And those who want to protest the election results should be given the chance to do so, so long as they do not commit any crime.


President Uhuru Kenyatta (seen here) with the new police equipment.