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Governor Mutua rushes swearing-in after stealing election in an Organized Scheme, Wavinya, turns to court.

Governor Mutua (Seen here) with his new wife in Machakos fraudulently won his seat and there is enough evidence to sustain a strong case in court according to Wavinya Ndeti. Governor Mutua also abandoned his first wife in a bitter divorce which saw them split publicly.

In what is being billed as one of the biggest election fraud in the History of the universe, Governor Alred Mutua was sworn in a rushed exercise in Machakos after election manipulation.  In the meantime, Wavinya Ndeti has decided to go to court to challenge Alfred Mutua’s win in the Machakos Governor contest.

The incumbent beat the Wiper candidate in the August 8 election with 238,405 votes against her 199,257.

But Wavinya has said she will not concede and will turn to the courts as she has done before.

“It is very clear that the victory was stolen. Machakos is about the people, not me. We have facts that there was stealing.”

Speaking to KTN on Thursday, Wavinya noted the people of Machakos voted in totality so their rights should not be violated.

“I have not spoken since the election because I was busy counter-checking what people were telling me,” she said. “I want to assure you that the case is very strong.”

The politician dismissed the Governor’s swearing-in as one done in a hurry but warned the law will catch up with him.

hata akikalia hiyo kiti na si yake, atakalia leo na kesho atatolewa na Korti (He will eventually be removed from office if that seat is not genuinely his). I have faith we are going to win. Let him not panic. He cannot be calling my name ‘Wavinya! Wavinya’ every time.”

The politician further accused her rival of using county funds to hire buses to transport people to his inauguration.

The funds were wasted, she said, adding county resources were also used to rig the vote.

Mutua has denied these claims but Wavinya said: “Chuma chako ki moto (Your rod is hot). I do not give up easily. You have taken the victory of the people of Machakos unfairly. Get our Machakos back.”

She added: “Why is he in a hurry to be sworn-in? He must have panicked. If he knows he is not guilty why is he detesting demonstrations. We will take the matter to court.”


Mutua was the first governor-elect to take oath of office on Thursday.

The Maendeleo Chap Chap leader said they do not have time to demonstrate.

“Those planning to demonstrate, please don’t come to Machakos. To those I defeated, life has to move on I ask my sister Wavinya Ndeti to come so we can work together,” he said after signing his certificate.

Waliotaka kuning’oa Machakos hawakuning’oa kwa sababu nilifanya ubaya. Wanataka kuning’oa kwa sababu nimefanya maendeleo (Those who wanted me removed did not find ills to justify their missio. They wanted to do so because of my development record).”

Wavinya had rejected preliminary poll results that put her behind Mutua.

She told journalists: “We do not know where they are getting the results from and this is causing a lot of anxiety. We are not accepting the results. People just do things the way they want to do them…Mutua is used to stealing…even last time he stole [sic].”

Wiper chief Kalonzo Musyoka, who is NASA DP candidate, once said Wavinya would likely be the county’s first woman representative.

The politician had also expressed confidence she would win.

The Governor earlier offered his opponent a job and said his administration will accommodate all Machakos residents without discrimination of any kind.

“We will give Wavinya a job if she is interested. Sina roho ya chuki, nina mapenzi tu katika roho yangu (There is no hate in my heart…there is only love),” he said.

“My dream of making Machakos town a city will definitely come true. We are going to construct the tallest building in the country in Machakos city.,” he said concerning his plans.

He issued a victory address to the public and media at his office in Machakos town on August 10.

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Confused Wavinya Ndeti Caught napping – guilty of party hopping, cannot vie on Aug 8 – IEBC

Confused Wavinya Ndeti caught napping and now guilty of party hopping, cannot vie on Aug 8 – IEBC. Corruption is to blame. The lawyer added that having received Wiper’s Platinum Membership Certificate on April 24 when she entered into a Coalition Agreement “the conclusion is irresistible that at the time she was still a member of CCU”/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 16 – Embattled Wiper’s nominee for the Machakos Governor’s seat Wavinya Ndeti is guilty of party hopping, IEBC insists.

And as such, Judge George Odunga heard, she is not eligible to vie on any seat in the August 8 polls.

Lawyer Paul Nyamodi for the polls body Friday submitted that Ndeti is still a member of Chama Cha Uzalendo and that position has not changed.

According to Nyamodi, Ndeti is not a member of Kalonzo Musyoka’s Wiper following the list of party membership list forwarded to IEBC by March 27.

The lawyer added that having received Wiper’s Platinum Membership Certificate on April 24 when she entered into a Coalition Agreement “the conclusion is irresistible that at the time she was still a member of CCU”.

Arguing that whether or not she resigned from CCU on April 5 is not an issue, IEBC maintained that the same would only be effective “when it is received and delivered by the Registrar of Political Parties.”

Added Nyamodi “there is no evidence that the letter of resignation was delivered and received by the RPP as the law requires.”

Nyamodi further refuted claims by Ndeti that Wiper was not a party before the IEBC to defend its nominee.

“The party was indeed named as a respondent in the matter but it chose to ignore the proceedings,” Justice Odunga heard.

Ndeti is seeking to quash IEBC’s decision to revoke her nomination.

She has faulted the June 8 verdict arguing that it was reached without the electoral body carrying out a search at the Registrar of Political Parties to establish her political membership.

“The process was not fair since no search was conducted to ascertain that the applicant is a member of CCU,” lawyer Willis Ochieng submitted on behalf of Ndeti.

Judge Odunga was urged to find that petitioner Peter Kyalo Kyuli, who is a Machakos County MCA filed his complaint before the wrong forum to determine Ndeti’s political membership.

“The petitioner should have first contested the applicant’s party membership before the Political Parties Dispute Tribunal ,” added Ochieng.

The judge will deliver the verdict next Wednesday.