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Joyce Murigi

By HILARY KIMUYU, @hilarykimuyu
The fortunes of troubled airline Kenya Airways keep dwindling by the day with fresh accusations emerging that it left 12 Kenyan passengers stranded at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Worse still, the airline told the passengers to find their own accommodation in the Dutch capital which was not their destination.

A passenger who identified herself as Joyce Murigi narrated at length via a Facebook post how they were frustrated and eventually abandoned by the airline after their flight to Paris was diverted to Amsterdam due to poor visibility.

The drama started on Friday at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) where the passengers were told that the flight had delayed and they were to come back the following day.

The flight eventually took off on Saturday at 6.30am. Hours later, as they approached Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, the pilot was diverted to another airport within France due to poor visibility. But the second airport was also experiencing bad weather and they could not land.

Eventually, the flight was diverted to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol where it landed safely.


But things took a turn to the worse. First, the passengers were locked in the airplane for more than an hour after Dutch authorities refused to grant them permission to disembark.

Eventually the passengers were allowed to access the airport, but on condition they must each obtain a day’s visa. At the security desk at the airport, they were told to contact Kenya Airways for assistance in getting the visas.

According to Ms Murigi, the airline’s Station Manager in Hall 2 at the airport only organised the transportation of non-Kenyan passengers to Paris by bus.

Kenyan passengers, 12 of them, were left unattended to and stranded, and were eventually locked up in the Passport Control Hall, she claims.

They have so far endured two days of the European winter at the airport. They cannot leave without the day’s visas because they were not supposed to land in Amsterdam in the first place.


The only support they have got from Kenya Airways, she claims, is an unsigned letter telling them to find their own accommodation and seek refunds later.

“Unfortunately you are confronted with an unexpected overnight stay in Amsterdam. We advise you to arrange your own hotel as hotel capacity is extremely limited,” the letter reads.

“Afterwards you may claim the hotel costs via KQ customer Care with a maximum of 120.00 Euro per night / per room.”

“We sincerely hope that, despite the inconvenience, the rest of your journey will be a pleasant one and we thank you for choosing KQ,” it added.


The letter was dropped at the hall and no KQ official talked to the stranded passengers.

The rescheduled flight is set to leave for Paris on Tuesday.

The airline sent a statement to Nairobi News that stated: ” We did have a few guests in the situation when the flight was diverted and could not gain entry. Unfortunately airlines have no jurisdiction at passport control or immigration. We are in contact with the guests in the said case and are working to reduce the inconvenience for them. We apologize to our guests who are caught up in the delays/diversions caused by the weather situation in Europe. Please let me know if I can assist further.”




[VIDEO] Fastjet launches low cost flights between Kenya and Tanzania

Fastjet has launched low cost flights between Kenya and Tanzania in what it said is a vision to make affordable air travel more accessible to consumers.

The flights will make use of Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro airports in Tanzania and the JKIA in Nairobi and will have 156 passengers.

A one-way ticket will cost $50 (Sh5,110) from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro and at least $80 (Sh8,177) from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam, excluding taxes.

Daily flights will depart from Dar es Salaam at 9.50am and land in Nairobi at 11.10am. The return flight from Nairobi will depart at 2.40pm and land at 4.05 pm.

The launch follows clearance by regulators under the Bilateral Air Services Agreement as approved by the Tanzanian government.

East Africa general manager Jimmy Kibati said: “Competition is good for consumers because it brings choice and lowers air fares.”

“Affordable fares will make it easier for more entrepreneurs, tourists and other visitors to travel between Tanzania and Kenya.”

He thanked Kenya and Tanzania’s transport ministries and aviation authorities for working together.

Kenya -Tanzania Flags


Why did UHURU sneak out of JKIA to South Africa using Kenya Airways on Sunday night?


Wednesday September 23, 2015 – President Uhuru Kenyatta left his security handlers stranded at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Sunday night after he left the country to South Africa without his usual detail.

According to a source in State House, Uhuru left the country in a hurry, in what many believe was a very confidential visit.

“He left in a hurry and boarded a commercial flight. He did not even want security when he left,” a RECCE office who works at the PES said.

Uhuru came back on Monday night on board a Kenya Airways flight and sneaked back to State House the same way he skulked out on Sunday night.

Some Kenyans have complained about Uhuru’s trip to South Africa on Sunday saying that he ought to have informed them about it.

They said that Uhuru is putting his life at risk by leaving without security especially to South Africa – a country that is known to be one of the most dangerous destinations to visit in Africa because of its high crime rate.

“Uhuru must notify Kenyans whenever he goes out of the country. He should understand that he is a public figure and he should inform Kenyans about all his foreign trips,” a senior security expert told journalists on Tuesday.



A Rare encounter of Anne Waiguru with First lady of Kenya.

CLz4HLTWoAA6DFQCS. Anne Waiguru meets the first lady Hon. Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta in Nairobi in a rare encounter. Both women are extremely close to the President of Kenya 

On August 7th, 2015, The First lady of Kenya and beleaguered CS Anne Waiguru who has mismanaged NYS funds met with the first lady of Kenya Hon.  Margaret Gakuo Kenyatta, who took office on 9 April 2013.

The event of the day was to mark legal framework where laws support practical realization of women empowerment.

Some of the guest in the event stated that, CS. Waiguru appeared nervous at first but as time passed, she gained strength during the event. (see the picture above).

Anne Waiguru is also said to be involved with Kenya airways saga in which the company is about to go down under because of corruption and money laundering allegations.CL3NrAkWIAAWSBDAnne Waiguru and the First lady  later sat down for a group photo as seen above.CKRbvCDW8AAjSL7Kenya airways plane in the new  airport hub in Nairobi. The company is in serious financial misappropriation tied tom the current regime of President Uhuru Kenyatta.  


Just like Mumias Sugar, the MAFIA are after Kenya Airways- HERE is their PLAN!

Kenyatta_2482631bUhuru Kenyatta seen here might be highly involved in running down Kenya Airways. A lot of things are going wrong in Kenya under his leadership and is highly suspect.

By Dr Noah Akala via Facebook

Today’s story about an unprecedented 29.5 Billion shilling KQ loss last financial year is much bigger than many have pieced together.

The Pilots Union first raised the alarm a few months ago after a pattern emerged of pensions not being paid, salaries delaying, inexplicable lay offs, etc… It appears this loss was incurred over a period of time but was being hidden by clever book keeping.

The narrative of these losses being incurred through Naikuni’s infamous fuel hedging strategy make the perfect cover up. Truth is, KQ is leasing a number of planes from connected individuals in sirkal at ridiculously inflated prices!

After making inquiries, it emerges that the overall idea is to run the company down and sell off Govt shares cheaply to a partner carrier from the Middle East with whom senior Govt officials have already “agreed terms with.”

Our national assets are being auctioned underneath our noses. The yellow wing of sirkal on their part are set to take over Mumias through a silent offloading of Govt stakeholding in November (stay alert for a high profile visit to China at around that time.)

To placate public anger, they went through the pretence of attempting to save the company with the billion shillings, most of which was a loan, given a few weeks back when just to get operational, Mumias needed a minimum of 7Bn. The company is still not operational and these same Govt officials are still using the war in Somalia as a front to keep open channels of shipping in cheap sugar which is then repackaged as Mumias further crippling their sales.

This is what “entrepreneurship” in this Administration means. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the Auditor General’s report tomorrow…



Breaking News: Kenya Airways posts record Sh25.7bn loss on high costs

imageKenya Airways has reported a record Sh25.7 billion loss after tax attributable to competition from Middle East carriers and high operating costs driven in part by high level corruption mixed with NYS saga and money laundering.

The airline also blamed travel advisories that led to a slump in the tourism industry as well as runway closures for renovation for eating into the company’s 2014/2015 full year earnings. However, this is just a stupid excuse. The real reason for such a great loss is corruption, nepotism and interference by high priest of corruption driven by misconduct.

“We have had turbulent times and this loss is obviously significant. It is, however, important to know that we have made significant investments at a time when the industry generally was going through hard times,” said Chief Executive Officer Mbuvi Ngunze.

The flag carrier has secured a Sh20 billion loan to avoid sinking into complete bankruptcy.

The airline’s conflicts with pilots and crew have also significantly contributed to the loss.

Here is an overview of the company’s income statement as announced.imageimageimageproudly_kenyan


Kenya hires lobbyists to push aid, travel agenda in US

imageForeign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed. Kenya has hired two lobbying firms to push the country’s agenda in the United States. FILE PHOTO | ANTHONY OMUYA | NATION MEDIA GROUP



Kenya has hired two leading lobbying firms based in Washington, DC to push for the country’s agenda in the United States.

Retaining the services of the two firms will cost Kenya Sh48 million ($495,000).

Kenya retained the Podesta Group to advance a general agenda, including gaining direct US landing rights for Kenya Airways.

The government will pay Podesta Group about $360,000 (Sh3million) a year for its work.

Kenya also retained another influential lobbying firm, Squire Patton Boggs, to prevent loss of aid over the country’s poor record in preventing human trafficking.

The government agreed to pay the firm of a fee of $135,000 (Sh13 million) for a three-month campaign directed at the State Department, according to a letter filed last week as required by US lobbying disclosure law.


The letter, signed by Squire Patton Boggs partner David Dunn and addressed to Foreign Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed, notes that Kenya is facing “a cut-off of all non-humanitarian and other forms of assistance from the US government.”

The threat arises from the State Department’s designation of Kenya as a “Tier 2” country in annual reports assessing governments’ efforts to prevent human trafficking.

Countries assigned to that group are deemed to be failing to comply fully with minimal standards for eliminating trafficking and include North Korea, Iran, Russia, Syria, Zimbabwe and Eritrea.

According to the letter dated March 24, Kenya needs a waiver from the Secretary of State by the time the 2015 trafficking in persons report is issued next month to avoid relegation to Tier 3.

The lobbying firm says it will undertake “an intense three-month effort” to document and inform US officials of Kenya’s “extensive efforts” to address trafficking in persons.

The State Department’s most recent Trafficking in Persons report found that children are “exploited in prostitution throughout Kenya, including in the Coastal sex-tourism industry.”

The report describes Kenya as “a source, transit and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking.”
“Kenyan women are subjected to forced prostitution in Thailand by Ugandan and Nigerian traffickers,” the report adds.

“Gay and bisexual Kenyan men are lured from universities with promises of overseas jobs, only to be forced into prostitution and sex trafficking in Qatar and the UAE,” the 2014 report states.


Uhuru, Kikwete agree to defuse tourism dispute in Pictures.

11076274_1033474820014404_815622985408547457_n 10559694_1033475316681021_3348831771770290907_n 10906585_1033474996681053_5969082398518500147_n 11079615_1033474910014395_1786154944059668875_nThis is an early report – we’ll have to see if the two countries follow through. Kenya Airways to get back its landing quota for Dar in exchange for access for TZ vehicles to Nairobi airport.

kenyaKenya-AIrwaysSafari Vehicle Tanzania photo tour Don MayA_Flags***

Kenya Airways in trouble!

HOW ‘STATEHOUSE mafia’ RUN DOWN Kenya Airways, soon Airline may COLLAPSEimage

By Kahawa Tungu
KQ is in a deep mess. The national carrier is a shell of its former self. The thieves have run roughshod and fleeced the company millions in a well crafted scheme which seems to be meant to run it down and then cheaply buy the airline off.

The people behind the strategy includes former CEO Titus Naikuni, current Finance Director Alex Wainaina Mbugua and 2 top State House (Office of the President) personnel.

The scheme to run down Kenya Airways started right from the Office of the then President Kibaki and involved senior OP and DoD officials. Also roped into the deal is KQ Finance Director and the current CEO. The Finance Director is said to be so deep into the corrupt deals meant to bring down KQ to its knees that he recently bought 14 very high end properties in Johannesburg with 6 of the properties being located in the affluent Sandton area.

First, they set up four offshore companies called Twiga, Amboseli, Jetspace and Samburu which knew what aircraft Kenya Airways (KQ) needed and so approached Boeing and Embraer to deliver the same. The problem is that, without investing a single cent, the owners of the companies got KQ LPOs and managed to use the same to get loans from Afro-Exim Services.

Of the KQ fleet, the Embraer E170 series are being phased and replaced by the E190s. Key individuals in the Office of the President are said to own the 5Y-KYR, KYS and KYT. Another 10 aircrafts with registrations 5Y-FFA to FFJ are said to be owned by another powerful Kenyan family which earns them more than $500,000.

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